It’s been a while since I posted a shoot that hasn’t been a wedding or at least wedding related. I also do corporate photography during the week, and the Glodina shoot was a typical day at a company for me. My main focus was the staff portraits which took most of the morning, then when those were done I headed into the factory to get some candid and more creative photos. Glodina is a big company complete with both a soccer team and a choir. I always find it interesting how different people react to having their photo taken, some are confident and fun, others shy or awkward, some simply refuse to have their picture taken and others want more and more photos of themselves.

A big thanks to my friend Kevin Bender who referred me for this shoot, much appreciated bud.


There’s nothing quite like driving along the N2 to the sunrise engagement shoot, and looking out the car window to see a completely clear sky. It’s times like that when I have to celebrate with a hearty fist pump because I know we’re going to have the best light. I met Bronwyn and Ty on the beach in Ballito at the crack of dawn and we immediately started shooting, They were a little unsure of what to do at first, but within a few minutes we were having a lot of fun, running up and down the beach and coming out of their shells a bit. They live in the USA but came back home for a brief visit before heading off to the Kruger Park for a holiday. It’s worth mentioning that Ty is a PGA pro golfer, I totally respect anyone who get’s off the couch to follow their passion and develop their talent. With Bronwyn at his side I’m sure they’ll be a formidable team.

It was a great shoot and Ty & Bronwyn were a pleasure to work with, wishing them all the best for the wedding planning!


A couple of weeks before Brett and Tyla were coming on holiday to Umhlanga, Brett mailed me saying that he was planning to propose to Tyla and that he’d like me to capture the moment. Of course it meant that I would have to hide out and shoot it without Tyla knowing, as if I was the paparazzi. He gave me a minute by minute breakdown of the plan, and shortly after the question was popped he was going to alert Tyla of my presence and we’d do a mini engagement shoot. The only thing we weren’t planning on was the rain, but it actually turned out to be a bonus because it meant the beach was nice and quiet. It was nerve-racking even for me who was an outsider, I can only imagine how Brett was feeling. There was no doubt that Tyla would accept, and once it was all done she couldn’t stop smiling and saying thank you. I could see all the emotions happening at once – excitement, nervousness and sheer joy and happiness.

I wish you all the best Brett and Tyla, it was an absolute honour to share such a significant moment in your lives with you!


  • Claire Bower

    Loved sharing the photos of your engagement. Wishing you a life time of happiness ahead.

  • Barbie

    Unbelievable proposal and pictures, out of a movie scene , well done

There are some families who are quite shy and reserved, during the photo shoot I really have to encourage them to let loose a bit and have some fun. The Goodes family didn’t need any coaxing at all, they were laughing, smiling, playing around and having so much fun right from the beginning. They came to stay in Umhlanga on holiday, and decided it would be great to do a family photo shoot on the beach while they were here.

It was so great spending a bit of time with a family who are all very connected to each other, it was real privilege being part of their holiday!


The AstraZeneca corporate event was held at the Elangeni Hotel over 3 days. Medical professionals came from all over the world to the conference which subject was Asthma, they covered everything from the entire history of asthma and the previous cures through to the modern approaches to curing it. It was very dark inside the main hall where everything happened which made photography a challenge, but the use of prime lenses and high ISO speeds worked in my favour.

Thanks so much to Luis and team at African Footprint who hired me to shoot this event.


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