Brent & Lauren- Zimbali

Since 2012 I’ve wanted to upgrade my Canon Mark II camera body to the new Mark III, but it took some time because it costs about the same as a small car. Finally I was able to order it, and it got delivered the day before Lauren and Brent’s wedding. First on the agenda was to shoot Brent’s preparation, I suggested that him and his groomsmen get in the pool for a few photos. I crouched down next to the pool waiting to take my first official wedding photo with my brand new camera, and what happened next may as well have happened in slow motion. Brent did a running summersault dive bomb, emptying half the pool in the process. Both my camera and I got completely soaked. The mortified look on Brent’s face was priceless once he surfaced and realised what had just happened!

I didn’t get a chance to meet them before the wedding because they live in JHB. Lauren looked like a princess in her stunning dress, she was surrounded by her nearest and dearest throughout the day. Their baby daughter Brooke looked as cute as a button. Congratulations Lauren and Brent, thanks so much for choosing me. Your wedding was wonderful!


Featured on Wedding Friends

Today I’m very proud to say that André and Brigitte’s engagement shoot has been featured on the prestigious Wedding Friends Blog. Click on the image below to have a look, click HERE if you’d like to see their original post here on my own blog. Thanks so much to André and Brigitte for being open to my crazy ideas, otherwise we would have never gotten such great shots. Not many couples would have been keen to take their convertible car through the sugarcane, followed by a hike to go stand under a waterfall, all at the crack of dawn!

Marcell & Monique – Dalton

I had been looking forward to Marcell & Monique’s wedding for quite some time, we had a blast doing their engagement shoot so we were familiar with each other and it felt like I was on my way to go shoot the wedding for some old friends. They decided to have a local wedding, in a small chapel close to where they live in Dalton and the reception in the only building big enough to house their 250 odd guests.

The day started off with the guys having a round of clay pigeon shooting with plenty of beer, followed by their preparation at one of the family farms, also with plenty of beer. We then did a few portraits of them in the suits, holding their beers. The ladies got ready at Marcell & Monique’s lovely farm home, the atmosphere was buzzing as the ladies were discussing make-up, hair, babies, family, etc. The day went really smoothly, and who could forget the magnificent sunset nature presented us with for the creative shoot. Congratulations Monique and Marcell, it was an honour and a privilege to be part of your big day!


Koobasen & Subashnee – Oslo Beach

Koobasen and Subashnee live in Johannesburg, but are originally from Oslo Beach. When Koobasen originally got hold of me he said they were going to get married in India, and they wanted me to go over and be the photographer. Then as plans were being made they discovered that some very important family members were’t going to be able to make it over, so they decided to get married close to home instead.

They had close to 300 guests at their wedding, which means they had to find a venue big enough to host such an event. It was great to be able to do their creative shoot on the beach close to where they spent their childhoods. Subashnee was a bit camera shy at first but soon got used to it, but by the end of the creative shoot she was raring to go. Congratulations guys!


Sphe & Nonhlanhla Engagement – Summerveld

My weekend of shooting at Summerveld kicked off with Sphe and Nonhlanhla’s engagement shoot on Friday afternoon, we had some stunning afternoon light which we took full advantage of. The original plan was to do a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ theme, but hiring a vintage car plus extra props and a suitable location turned out to be a real challenge. We opted for something more natural, and decided to include a picnic which they came well prepared for. These two have a really playful side to them, and they were full of smiles and laughter throughout the shoot. Nonhlanhla is a doctor and Sphe is in human resources so these are two highly educated individuals.

I’m looking forward to your wedding in December, it was a pleasure spending the afternoon with you!


MacDonald Family Shoot – Summerveld

Summerveld has become one of my new favourite places to shoot. The long line of trees, open spaces, greenery and fresh air is just perfect for a break from the office for an hour or two, and it’s just down the road from me. This time I got to spend it with the MacDonald family, and as it turns out we sort of know each other from a while back. Back in my graphic design days I did some branding work for Elsie’s business.

Apparently this photo shoot was a long time in the making, trying to get everyone’s schedules in sync is never a small task. The day was mostly cloudy, which wasn’t ideal because I was hoping for lovely golden light for our photo shoot, so we almost postponed. Luckily the clouds parted just as we got there, long enough for us to get some lovely photos. It was wonderful spending a bit of time with your family!


Adriaan & Heather – Bellwood

Adriaan & Heather are a really wonderful couple who had a travel themed wedding at one of the most stunning and picturesque venues in the Midlands. Heather works for Emirates airlines, which means she travels a lot and spends a lot of time in Dubai. She collected wedding items from all over the world for their wedding, how wonderful. Adriaan is a practical hard working man, an electrician by trade with a keen love for motorcycles.

They decided to ditch a number of the typical wedding norms, the most significant one being that they got married on the jetty on the lake instead of in the chapel. Towards the end of the creative shoot it was almost dark which made for a bit of a challenge for me, as well as the sun coming and going throughout the ceremony. All in all it was a wonderful day, congratulations Adriaan and Heather! Please click here if you’d like to see their engagement shoot.


  • Heather

    wow Colin, awesome photo’s! truly impressed with what you managed to capture despite our fading light situation. Choosing you for our photographer was by far one of the best decisions of the whole wedding process. thank you for the amazing work!

  • Colin

    Thanks so much Heather, I’m so glad you like the pics. You guys had a wonderful wedding at a stunning venue, getting good shots was easy! Chat soon!

Clint & Kelly – Braeside

If you’re familiar with my blog then you may recognise Clint & Kelly as a bridesmaid and groomsman from Jaimi & Raquel‘s wedding which I did recently, and what an honour it was to shoot for them. These two must be two of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, and they were all smiles throughout the day. Clint and his groomsmen got ready at the Quarters Hotel in Florida Road while Kelly got ready at the family home around the corner. The ceremony was held at St. Michaels Catholic Church followed by the reception at Braeside in Ballito. We did the creative shoot at the microlight airfield and surrounding areas, where I was laying on the ground and climbing trees to get all sorts of different angles.

Thanks so much to Hannalee who agreed to help me out by shooting Clint’s preparation and a bit of Kelly’s preparation while I was on my way back from shooting Coenraad & Jayde‘s wedding in Sodwana Bay the day before. I also stopped on the way and shot the reception décor at Braeside, what a busy weekend.

Thanks so much again for hiring me to shoot for you guys, it was an honour and a privalege. Congratulations!


Richard & Tatum Engagement – Summerveld

I met Richard and Tatum at the crack of dawn in Summerveld to do their engagement shoot. We were all hoping for a lovely sunrise with amazing light, but instead we got amazing mist. There’s always something absolutely magical and ethereal about photos that have been taken on a misty day, especially in lush green open spaces surrounded by tall old trees. Looking back at the photos now and it all seemed as if it was a dream, and it happened far away in a distant land. We did a fair amount of searching for horses, and eventually discovered that they had all been taken off to the races for the morning. Eventually we found one and managed to get a few shots.

Richard is a graphic designer and Tatum is in public relations, they live in JHB as do most of the other couples whose weddings I shoot. They decided to get married in June at Zimbali on the beach which I’m stoked to be shooting. Thanks for being so willing and keen for your photos guys, looking forward to your big day!


  • Tatum

    Hi Colin,
    Sorry it’s taken so long but we wanted to say a big thank you for this shoot. We had such fun trapicing around in the early hours of the morning and are so chuffed with our pics. Can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding :) :) :)

Coenraad & Jayde – Sodwana Bay

Coenraad & Jayde met at the Coral Divers Resort in Sodwana Bay 5 years ago, they were both working there as diving instructors. They now live in Limpopo, but it only seemed fitting that they returned to the spot where they met to get married. They made everything for their wedding themselves, including the benches.

I met them for the first time the day before the wedding. They were kind enough to show me the wedding site, we chatted and got to know each other a bit too. They told me that they were planning to go diving on the morning of their wedding so I said “Great, I’ll shoot that too!” I met them at 7am the next morning on the beach, I arrived a bit earlier to take some sunrise shots. They opted for a first look and creative shoot before the ceremony so that they didn’t have to keep their guests waiting while they were having photos done. It worked out perfectly because the light was incredible. The whole day went off without a hitch, and it was absolutely wonderful to spend some time away at a beautiful beach location. Congratulations Coenraad & Jayde!


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