FT3 Mask DIY Instructions Video

19 Jun 2020

This is a follow up from my previous video, this time it is the instructions on how to make the Fibertex facemask. I originally did two separate video shoots to try get live footage of an actual person making a mask by following the steps, but having both shoots ended up being a bust I ended up making it entirely with motion graphics. I made it in Adobe After Effects from scratch, it was the culmination of about 180 layers of moving content!

FT3 Mask Website Announcement Video

17 Jun 2020

I designed the website for FT3 Masks, it’s a project by a company called Fibertex. I’m also doing some promo and instructional videos which are still to come, but in the mean time I created a little animated video for social media to announce the website. The website features an online store, news section and more. You can see it at ft3mask.com.

Highway College – Marketing Photo Shoot

28 May 2020

I don’t often do school photos, but I did the official school portraits for Highway College in Pinetown. It was two days of begging reluctant kids to smile for the camera followed by another day of doing the marketing photos. The kids at Highway College are extremely well behaved, I’ve never been called ‘sir’ so many times in a short space of time in my life! The marketing pics are going to be used for the website which I’m also designing.


Colin + Ruth Promo Animation

27 May 2020

My talented and creative wife Ruth and I have a creative communications agency which we run together, we have clients ranging from small to large businesses and have even freelanced for some international advertising agencies. I’m really enjoying making moving pictures nowdays, so I decided to make an animated promotional video to communicate that we are back open for business after lockdown.

What Am I Doing During Lockdown?

06 May 2020

I’m not able to go out and shoot during lockdown, so I’ve turned my attention to making animated videos for websites and social media advertising. I’m having a lot of fun doing it, and I’ve kept myself completely immersed in it. It’s a steep learning curve but thanks to the wealth of tutorials on the internet along with my background in graphic design, I’m starting to achieve some results I’m really proud of. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I’m confident I can make an exceptional video that will drive conversions on social media and other digital channels.

Get in touch now to chat about your animated video for your website or social media!

Crestwood Estate Interiors

09 Apr 2020

We spent the night up at Crestwood Estate to do photos for the new website. It’s situated on the Curry’s Post road in the heart of the KZN Midlands. The front gate opens up to a beautiful tree lined driveway that leads to the main house, once we walked to other other side of the garden the most spectacular view unfolded in front of our eyes. I couldn’t wait to do a series of photos to stitch together to make into a panorama. The rooms are all cosy and the grounds boast several areas that can be used to host weddings and functions including a dam and paddocks.


Tyronne & Jo-anne Post Wedding Shoot – Crestwood Estate

09 Apr 2020

There’s a new venue opening up in the KZN Midlands called Crestwood Estate, it’s along the Curry’s Post road close to other wedding venues. It has some beautiful spots for photos including a tree lined driveway, a dam and one of the most magnificent views in the midlands. Tyrone and Jo-anne made the trip up from Ballito to do the shoot, of which photos from it are going to feature on the new website.

I also did photos of all the room interiors and exteriors for the website which I’m also in the process of building.


Thorner Estate Interiors and Venue

10 Mar 2020

I spent a few days up at Thorner Estate near Camperdown doing photos of all their accommodation. The pics are up on their new website which I built too. They have space for thirty eight guests across four houses and two cottages. It really is so peaceful and tranquil up there that I didn’t really mind going back a few times to get finish off the pics. If you’re looking for a stunning wedding venue or a fishing getaway, look no further!


The Browne’s Big Adventure Animation

02 Mar 2020

This post is just to demonstrate some of the motion design skills I’ve been learning. It’s not a client project, just a little animation video I made in Adobe After Effects which I sent to family and friends in the UK ahead of our trip there. It was really fun making it and I hope to do more of them in the future!

23 Tracy Watts Interiors and Video

14 Feb 2020

I got a call from the new owner of 23 Tracy Watts Road, which is a familiar building to those who live in the upper highway area. It’s towards the bottom of Fields Hill on the left. The building has a colourful history that dates back to the 1930’s, but the new owner isn’t too fond of it all and is preferring to look forward to what he is creating with the space.

I arrived early to get some sunrise shots and continued with the interiors until about midday, then I went back later for some sunset shots.