Diego & Samari Proposal Shoot – Botanic Gardens

29 Jul 2019

It’s always such a treat to shoot proposals, there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation until the time comes for the big moment. Diego told Samari that they’d be doing a couples shoot, but he didn’t tell her he was going to drop to his knee in the process. We did a few shots first, then we went to the spot where he wanted to pop the question. I stood back a decent distance to give them some privacy, luckily Samari said yes because I have no idea what I’d be expected to do if she said no!

We had a wonderful golden sunset which added a real romantic feel to the photos. Congratulations to Diego and Samari!


Sanele & Segametsi Wedding Video – Zimbali

02 Jul 2019

We shot both photos and video for Sanele and Segametsi, they had a wonderful wedding reception at the same venue Ruth and I got married. It’s a real privilege being able to visit there so many times. The ceremony was held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses down the road,  which was the second time I’ve been there too. Segametsi was so full of fun and she couldn’t stop smiling all day!

Tim & Maike Wedding – Cranford Country Lodge

10 Jun 2019

Tim and Maike live in Germany and had two weddings, one there and the other one here in Maike’s home town of Howick. They did everything themselves with help from their family, the only professional wedding service provider they hired was myself to do the photos. We didn’t meet before the wedding, in fact we barely spoke so I had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be a wonderful blessing and celebration with their closest family members, with the ceremony and all the rest of the formalities conducted in German.

Congratulations to Tim and Maike, it was wonderful sharing their special day!


Henry & Diana Wedding – The Oyster Box Hotel

23 May 2019

I got an enquiry from Henry who told me that he was a British doctor currently serving in Iraq, and he was coming to South Africa to marry his South African fiancé at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. I was reluctant to accept the booking on the basis of my last experience shooting a wedding there, the wedding co-ordinator at The Oyster Box is a tyrant. Luckily Henry and Diana were a wonderfully open and fun couple who didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do any bridal portraits before the ceremony and I wasn’t allowed to do the family photos in the best spot, but I worked my hardest and did my best for this stunning couple. There was a brief moment when the rain subsided so we shot outside and did a few pics by the pool.

Diana wrote me a wonderful email after receiving her photos for which I’m very grateful for, she absolutely loves her wedding photos. Congratulations to Henry and Diana!


Tamuhla & Hlengiwe Wedding Video – Orchards

21 May 2019

I shot one of the first wedding at Orchards soon after they opened in 2014 and strangely haven’t been back since. It’s a stunning venue with wide open spaces and a river that flows through the grounds, the chapel and reception hall is spacious and modern.

Hlengiwe and Tamuhla’s wedding was full of spontaneous singing, dancing and heartfelt speeches. My wife Ruth and I spent the full day shooting both photos and video for these two doctors, who had planned their wedding brilliantly!

Black Family – Summerveld

15 May 2019

The Black family assembled from all over the world for the holidays and decided to do a photo shoot, I suggested Summerveld as the location because the whole area is so picturesque that it’s difficult not to do great photography there. All a family need to do is bring their smiles and bob’s your uncle!


James & Samantha Engagement – Durban Beach

07 May 2019

James and Samantha live in China, so they wanted a shoot that would be authentically Durban. The original plan was to go up to the top of the arch on the Moses Mabhida stadium and do some photos with the view of Durban in the background, but when we arrived we were told that the Skycart hadn’t been operational for several months. This, along with the protests in Durban central meant we had to stay out of the city centre, so we headed down to the closest beach. When we arrived at the beach we found that there was still a lot of debri from the recent floods. It seemed like all was lost but we decided to make the most of it and shoot anyway, the photos don’t necessarily show us in the heart of Durban but there were some great moments nonetheless.


Kirsten & Louise Wedding Video – Insingizi Lodge

06 May 2019

Kirsten & Louise live in the UK, they came back to Kirsten’s home country of South Africa to get married. They had such a fun day and a wonderful celebration. I was asked if it’s any different shooting a same-sex wedding, and I can honestly say no, it’s exactly the same. If anything, it’s actually a bit easier because brides tend to want photos more than grooms, so they don’t mind co-operating with the photographer. We did both the video and photos, with my talented wife Ruth handling the majority of the filming duties. It started drizzling towards the end of the creative shoot so we did a final shot under the entrance boma with a light from behind.

It was wonderful being part of Kirsten & Louise’s wedding day!

BJ & Charné Wedding – The Boathouse

12 Mar 2019

It’s always a treat shooting for a couple who are full of fun and game for anything for their photos. BJ and Charné had a lovely summer wedding at The Boathouse in Ballito, with their friends and family travelling from all over the country to be with them on their special day. The day was sprinkled with so many special moments, from the reserved seats with pictures of those who have passed on, to the raffle with hilarious dance by BJ and finally the sparklers on the beach.

Here’s wishing BJ and Charné a wonderful life together as husband and wife, thanks for choosing me to shoot your big day!


Thomas & Nicole Wedding – Giants Castle

10 Feb 2019

I always love shooting weddings in the KZN Drakensburg, partly because my family spent most of our holidays there when I was young, and also because it’s just so difficult to take a bad shot anywhere. I had a flash storm on my way up, it came down so hard plus I was on the only section of road near Mooi River where the potholes are really bad. Thank goodness I didn’t go on my motorcycle!

Thomas and Nicole are two intellectuals with a taste for the great outdoors, Nicole’s father conducted the ceremony which was a lovely touch. Congratulations to Thomas and Nicole!