Brophy Family – Umhlanga Beach

19 Oct 2020

Keryn wanted a photo shoot with her parents before they emigrated to the UK, so she called me up and we made arrangements. It was bitter sweet for her and family because their triplets have grown up with their grandparents nearby, but at the same time she understood that a better life awaits them across the pond. It was a quick shoot with all natural light and it was a lot of fun.


Capelo Family – Umhlanga Lagoon

09 Jan 2020

Nadia planned a big family shoot with her extended family, but unfortunately they all arrived late and were only able to have a few photos towards the end. In the mean time we got some lovely photos of her with her immediate family, their baby daughter was smiling so much it was difficult to take a bad photo of them!


Opeka Family – Thompsons Bay

04 Jan 2020

We arrived at Thompsons Bay beach in Ballito and it was jam packed due to holiday season, there didn’t appear to be even a square meter unoccupied. We were about to relocate to another location when I spotted a few meters at the other end of the beach which looked open so off we trekked with bags and kids until we reached the spot. Luckily the shoot went off without a hitch and the photos came out wonderfully.


Van Veen Family – Ballito Beach

24 Dec 2019

The Van Veen family assembled in Ballito from all over the world for the December holidays. As usual the beaches were very busy so we found a slightly quieter beach a bit further down the road, we did some portraits then had some fun in the surf.


Watson Family – Auckland Beach

01 Oct 2019

My second shoot in New Zealand was for the stunning Watson family, we did it early before work on Campbells Bay beach on the Auckland north shore. Doug is a former Dolphins Cricket player and coach of the Namibia national team, he now coaches the Auckland cricket team. He was also kind enough to show me around Auckland city centre and we stopped for a few pints on the way!


Olivier Family – Cambridge New Zealand

18 Sep 2019

My first family shoot in New Zealand was for the Olivier family at Te Koutu Lake which is in Cambridge. It’s roughly two hours from Auckland and it was my base for the first part of my stay. The Olivier family are originally from South Africa but have settled in nicely to their new home in New Zealand, they’re well established and loving their new home. As I type this, they are in the USA on holiday. Lucky them!


Black Family – Summerveld

15 May 2019

The Black family assembled from all over the world for the holidays and decided to do a photo shoot, I suggested Summerveld as the location because the whole area is so picturesque that it’s difficult not to do great photography there. All a family need to do is bring their smiles and bob’s your uncle!


Higgins Family – Summerveld

22 Aug 2018

Lee-Ann and her family came to Durban to visit her parents, and decided to have a family photo shoot to mark the occasion. Even though they were staying in Ballito they decided Summerveld would be a good spot for the shoot. It’s always so much easier doing photos for a family who don’t need encouragement to have fun, they were all smiles from the moment they arrived to the moment we said goodbye!


Stahl Family – Umhlanga Beach

21 Jun 2018

It was wonderful meeting and spending a bit of time with this fun family. I was told during the shoot by one of the family members that they are all from Georgia, USA. I didn’t get round to asking what brought them to Durban, but whatever it was I’m glad it did. It isn’t often I do a shoot where there are great grandparents involved, but they were both there and smiling from ear to ear. What a great day!


Zayd & Ayesha Maternity – Durban Harbour

19 Jun 2018

I shot Zayd and Ayesha’s wedding two and a half years ago, it was a wonderful day at the Orient Hall in Durban. I was overjoyed to hear from them again, Ayesha told me that they were expecting their first child soon and would love to do a maternity shoot. They mentioned that a friend of theirs has a small boat at the Durban harbour and they’d like to do it there, they had t-shirts and a sign printed too. Congrats to Zayd and Ayesha, wishing you guys all the best for parenthood!