Aspen Expo Stand – Durban Exhibition Centre

26 Oct 2012

I got a call at 8 in the morning from a company called Cando wanting to know if I can be at the Exhibition Centre in an hour’s time to quickly take some pics of an expo stand before it gets crowded, since I was relatively up to date with my editing I said “Yes sure”. I…

Dolos Commercial Shoot

16 Aug 2012

On Friday afternoon I got a call from Jethro, an art director for a marketing company in Joburg. The brief was simple: photograph the dolosse in Richards Bay, and we need the images on Monday morning 8am for our advertising campaign. A flood of memories rushed through my mind at that exact moment. I know…

Nedbank Beneficiary Solutions Launch – Elangeni Hotel

09 May 2012

Nedbank hosted their Beneficiary Solutions Launch at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban. They had speakers and delegates from all over the country in attendance, who were treated to an informative evening and a delicious dinner.

Datacentrix Commercial Shoot

28 Feb 2012

I spent the morning at an IT company called Datacentrix, they wanted staff photos taken. During the course of the day while chatting to some of the staff I was told that they were about to move premises and the company was going to be also undergoing a restructuring, so I had to wonder why…