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Ricardo & Shanice Wedding Video – The duBoirs

04 Dec 2019

I was booked to shoot both photos and video at Ricardo & Shanice’s wedding, my lovely talented wife Ruth did most of the video camera work. It was a pleasure working with Tamsyn from Designer Decor, it was soon after I shot her own wedding up the road at Camp Orchards. Shanice looked lovely on…

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Sanele & Segametsi Wedding Video – Zimbali

02 Jul 2019

We shot both photos and video for Sanele and Segametsi, they had a wonderful wedding reception at the same venue Ruth and I got married. It’s a real privilege being able to visit there so many times. The ceremony was held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses down the road,  which was the second…

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Tamuhla & Hlengiwe Wedding Video – Orchards

21 May 2019

I shot one of the first wedding at Orchards soon after they opened in 2014 and strangely haven’t been back since. It’s a stunning venue with wide open spaces and a river that flows through the grounds, the chapel and reception hall is spacious and modern. Hlengiwe and Tamuhla’s wedding was full of spontaneous singing,…

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Kirsten & Louise Wedding Video – Insingizi Lodge

06 May 2019

Kirsten & Louise live in the UK, they came back to Kirsten’s home country of South Africa to get married. They had such a fun day and a wonderful celebration. I was asked if it’s any different shooting a same-sex wedding, and I can honestly say no, it’s exactly the same. If anything, it’s actually…

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BJ & Charné Wedding – The Boathouse

12 Mar 2019

It’s always a treat shooting for a couple who are full of fun and game for anything for their photos. BJ and Charné had a lovely summer wedding at The Boathouse in Ballito, with their friends and family travelling from all over the country to be with them on their special day. The day was…

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Ashton & Lihle Wedding Video – Wits End Mountain Resort

01 Feb 2019

I drove up to the Drakensburg through a very bad storm to get to Wits End, I was worried that the wedding wasn’t going to be outdoor as planned. It would have been a shame to have a wedding in the Drakensburg only to have the views covered up by clouds. Fortunately it cleared up…

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Mervyn & Chantell Wedding Video – Crinkley Bottom

10 Jan 2019

Mervyn and Chantell were married at Crinkley Bottom Park which is situated in Waterfall, KZN. It was wonderful to drive only 5 minutes down the road to the wedding, we were there for only a few short hours and we shot both photos and video. Chantell walked down the aisle to Walk the Wire by…

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Brett & Tamsyn Wedding Video – Camp Orchards

07 Dec 2018

It’s always a pleasure shooting for another wedding supplier. Tamsyn’s business is called Designer Décor, you guessed it – she does décor for weddings and functions. I was looking forward to seeing what she was going to do for her own wedding and I wasn’t disappointed, she transformed the Camp Orchards hall into a masterpiece.…

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Marco & Acsah Wedding Video – Collisheen

30 Aug 2018

Marco and Acsah had a wonderful wedding at one of my favourite venues in KZN, Collisheen Estate. It was a mixture of cultures that blended seamlessly into a big celebration for their loved ones. Marco and Acsah met at university and haven’t been able to take their eyes off each other since. We did both…

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Dean & Karen Wedding Video – Marina Beach

31 Jul 2018

Dean is from KZN while Karen and her family are Dutch, they met whilst playing in a hockey league in Europe and stayed together through a lot of trials and tribulations. It was a wonderful heartfelt day with a lot of emotions and laughs. Karen arrived for the beach ceremony on a white horse, how…

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