Van Staden Family – Umhlanga Beach

I met the Van Staden family on the Umhlanga beach, they were on holiday from JHB. We did a lovely photo shoot with the grandparents and children, some of the individuals and some different combinations. Towards the end we decided to walk a little way further down the beach for the family to play around in the surf. As I was shooting away a big wave came and knocked the children right off their feet, there was a moment of panic while the children were whisked out of the water. That signalled the end of the shoot. I hope the drive home wasn’t too bad!


Mokaedi Family – Umhlanga Lagoon

We originally planned to do the Mokaedi family shoot on the beach by the lighthouse, but it was just too windy and crowded. I suggested we head over to the lagoon by the Breakers Hotel instead, we did photos along the pathways, over the bridges and in between the bushes. Lindie is pregnant with their second child plus they were on holiday so it gave them double the reason to have a family photo shoot. This was a really kind and wonderful family!


Goble Family – Umdloti Apartment

I shot Andrea and Westley’s wedding at Zimbali a few years ago, so it was wonderful to hear from Andrea again. She told me that they had a baby now and that she’d like to have a family shoot on the beach in Umdloti, the only problem was that we couldn’t actually button down the right time of day to do it, so after some arranging and changes in plans we ended up at their apartment. I brought out the studio lighting and we did a little family portrait photo shoot. They have a stunning apartment that overlooks the beach, you can see all the way to Durban. Baby Emma is too gorgeous for words!


Munro Family – Umhlanga Beach

It was a very windy day when I met the Munro family for their photo shoot in Umhlanga, all the girls hair was blowing all over the place so we took a bit of shelter by some rocks. It was grandpa and grandma and their three daughters, with their respective husbands and children. The three husbands had shirts made especially for the photo shoot that read “Keep calm and marry a Munro”


Drysdale Family – Umhlanga Beach

Most of the time when families come for their photo shoot they like to match their outfits, white shirts and blue jeans seems to be most people’s first choice. I guess someone did it about 30 years ago and everyone since has just believed it to be the norm. I don’t blame anyone for it and it isn’t wrong, people want what they’ve seen on the internet because that is their reference. The reason I’m saying this is because I was pleasantly surprised when the Drysdale family arrived all dressed as if they were actually on a beach holiday, there were no brand new matching outfits or overdone make-up. No chalk boards, props or empty picture frames. They were just honest, real, full of fun and enjoyed every moment. To me the photos are much more special and meaningful when they capture a family’s natural interaction.

Of course every beach shoot that I do ends up with the family as far into the ocean as they dare, the Drysdale’s were totally game!


Greeff Family – Summerveld

The Greef family piled into one of their company busses and made the trip up the hill to Summerveld for a photo shoot. There were three family units in total, with all of them being just as fun-loving as the other. We got some great portraits and then I got the kids to run around, it proved to be a challenge to get them all to run in the same direction which prompted the parents to run after them trying to co-ordinate. I was just shooting throughout and got some really fun photos in between the madness.

It was wonderful spending a bit of time with your family Marinda!


Wilson Family – Ballito

I was booked at the last minute to shoot baby Cayla’s dedication at Collisheen’s Orchid House, the family had initially booked Carmen Roberts but she had an unfortunate sporting accident and had to pass the job over. We refer work to each other often so it was nothing out of the ordinary. I was pleased to see Sandy from Sweet P who did a magnificent job with the the flowers and décor. There was a short service followed by a couple of photos and a lunch.

Cayla is such a cutie, she was discovering everything around her with a big smile. I think I may invest in a bubble machine!


Hadebe Family – Umhlanga Beach

The Hadebe family came to Durban on Holiday at the end of November, they stayed in Umhlanga and decided to have a family photo shoot on the Umhlanga beach while they were here. They were very excited about it and they even bought new outfits, it was a lot of fun and the photos came out wonderfully!


La Bella Family – Summerveld

On the same day that I shot Lee & Odette’s maternity shoot below, I did a family shoot for the La Bella’s at Summerveld. This was a really fun family who were full of laughs, they didn’t mind jumping around and lying on the grass. I love the fresh air and wide open spaces of Summerveld, the spots to shoot are endless and on a good day with a wonderful family you can only get great shots.

Thanks for choosing me to capture some special moments for your family Sandy!


Lee & Odette Maternity – Durban Beach

It’s always such an honour when a couple whose wedding I shot gets in contact again for another shoot. I remember Lee & Odette’s wedding as if it were yesterday, they had a stunning day at Under the Marula in Shongweni, and they also had the great Durban reggae band The Meditators perform live for them. You can see their wedding photos here.

We did an early morning maternity shoot at my secret beach spot near Durban, they arrived a bit late because the muddy dog jumped up onto Odette’s dress! We spent a little while walking up and down the beach, captured a bit of light and got some great shots. Thanks Odette and Lee for calling me to shoot for you again, wishing you all the best for this new chapter!