Jared & Paige Engagement – Summerveld

It was a pleasure doing Jared and Paige’s engagement shoot, they’re a really fun couple who were full of smiles and laughs. They like to play around and gently tease each other but you can see that under all that there is a deep love and commitment to each other. We did their engagement shoot out at Summerveld on a late afternoon, we had to time it for when Paige is back in South Africa because she works for Emirates Airlines which means she spends a lot of time abroad. Coincidentally I shot an engagement shoot and wedding a few years ago for another bride who also works as an air hostess for Emirates.

I’m looking forward to the wedding, it’s going to be at one of my favourite venues called Providence in the KZN Midlands.


Terence & Melissa Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

Melissa and Terence were such a fun-loving couple to shoot, full of smiles and laughs. It always makes my job much easier to capture natural moments when I don’t need to prompt them and crack silly jokes to get reactions. I asked them to please be on time for their photo shoot in order to catch the sunrise, and I was so pleased when they actually arrives 5 minutes early. We did photos along the beach, on the pier and the walkway and then took a little spin over to the lagoon where they arrived with a change in outfits. What a great morning!


Darrell & Jess Engagement – Thompson’s Bay

Bicycles are popular items when it comes to wedding décor, I often see them leaning against a tree or at the the reception entrance, they usually have baskets of flowers or chalk boards attached. Sometimes couples bring them to engagement shoots to have some fun with. Darrell & Jess however had a very good reason to incorporate a bicycle in their shoot, they are both cyclists and Darrell owns a bike shop named Bring It On Cycles in Kloof, KZN.

We decided on the beautiful Thompson’s Bay beach to do their engagement shoot, we sped down there early to catch the morning sunrise. We had a lot of fun and went to breakfast straight afterwards. What a great way to begin the day. I’m looking forward to their wedding in May.


James & Sarah Engagement – Summerveld

I met James and Sarah at the crack of dawn for their engagement shoot, we decided that Summerveld was going to be a great spot for it’s wide open spaces and beautiful areas. What we didn’t count on though was all the racehorses making their way to the race track for their morning races. We got some wonderful photos when the morning sun peaked through the clouds before disappearing for the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to this fun couples wedding next year at Talloula.

Thanks for choosing me James & Sarah, hope you like the pics!


Marno & Sunette Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

I met Marno and Sunette early in the morning on the Umhlanga beach, I was hoping for a lovely golden sunrise which unfortunately never arrived. Luckily this couples natural interaction with eachother was enough to get some great shots, regardless of the light. Marno was very shy in front of the camera, Sunette said she had to coax him into doing the engagement shoot. I think it turned out wonderfully and it was great spending an hour down on the beach with these two love birds.

Thanks Marno and Sunette for choosing me to capture this special moment in your lives!


Heng & Anita Engagement – Umhlanga Lagoon

Heng and Anita came down to Durban on holiday from Centurion, and since they were newly engaged they decided to have an engagement shoot done. They were staying at a hotel in Umhlanga because they love the beach and wanted photos there too. I met them at the lagoon and we meandered down to the beach whilst taking photos along the way, we had some magnificent light shining through the trees which always gets me excited.

It’s always a pleasure spending a bit of time with a newly engaged couple, they radiate excitement and it shows in the images!


Chad & Caitlyn Engagement – Sodwana Bay

I got a phone call from an excited chap by the name of Chad, he told me he was planning to propose to his girlfriend of 9 years Caitlyn. It was going to happen at Sodwana Bay, which I’d been to before a couple of years ago for a wedding. I thought it would be nice to go along for a weekend away, but was a little hesitant at first because it’s a long way to drive for an engagement shoot. I’m so glad that I eventually agreed because it was absolutely wonderful to spend a few nights away and be part of this wonderful couple’s engagement. It happened under water that morning when they were out scuba diving, Chad had arranged a suitcase with a picture and the words ‘Caiti will you marry me?’ along with the ring inside a suitcase, and a little water resistant board for her to write her answer. How incredibly romantic.

That afternoon Ruth and I met them on the beach with the intention of doing a sunset engagement shoot, unfortunately by that time it had clouded over and by half way through the shoot it was raining. Most of the shoot happened in the forest and the final shots on the beach were actually taken in the pouring rain. It was so fun to work with a couple who didn’t mind climbing trees and running around in the rain. Thanks to Chad and Caitlyn for having us along to share in this wonderful occasion!


Barend & Elserie Engagement – Amanzimtoti Beach

I met Barend and Elserie at the crack of the morning on the Amanzimtoti beach, we were so fortunate to have a wonderful golden sunrise for the first half of their engagement shoot. We splashed around and had some great fun on the beach. Then after a double cappuccino and a giant muffin we went to their gym where they learn martial arts. It’s always nice to include something that is relevant to the couple and their interests as opposed to sticking to just a beach shoot which can sometimes look a bit generic.

It was a great morning and they were wonderful to work with, looking forward to the wedding in November at Haycroft Farm.


James & Trisha Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

I met James and Trisha at the crack of dawn at the Umhlanga beach Lagoon, I was hoping we were going to get some lovely sunrise light and I wasn’t disappointed. The golden light shone from behind the trees in all it’s splendour while I shot away as this lovely couple were laughing and talking. We then headed down to the beach to go splash about and have some fun. It was a perfect start to the morning, complete with an almost deserted beach to work with.

I’m looking forward to the wedding next month which is going to be at Lynton Hall.


Ty & Bronwyn Engagement – Thompsons Bay

There’s nothing quite like driving along the N2 to the sunrise engagement shoot, and looking out the car window to see a completely clear sky. It’s times like that when I have to celebrate with a hearty fist pump because I know we’re going to have the best light. I met Bronwyn and Ty on the beach in Ballito at the crack of dawn and we immediately started shooting, They were a little unsure of what to do at first, but within a few minutes we were having a lot of fun, running up and down the beach and coming out of their shells a bit. They live in the USA but came back home for a brief visit before heading off to the Kruger Park for a holiday. It’s worth mentioning that Ty is a PGA pro golfer, I totally respect anyone who get’s off the couch to follow their passion and develop their talent. With Bronwyn at his side I’m sure they’ll be a formidable team.

It was a great shoot and Ty & Bronwyn were a pleasure to work with, wishing them all the best for the wedding planning!