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There’s always something special about a young couple who are madly in love tying the knot, especially when the wedding is upbeat and fun. Lindie has a lot of very expressive mannerisms which provided me with a lot of great photos throughout the day. The wedding was a mixture of Afrikaans and English so I had to listen carefully to know what was going on. The sunset didn’t arrive for the photo shoot but luckily the Secret Garden has plenty of places to shoot so it was nice to get creative and use the venue to it’s full potential. It also helped that Sean and Lindie didn’t mind walking through long grass, standing amongst trees and having a lot of fun with their bridal party. Steven Heyns from The Wedding DJ was on the decks to make sure the party was rocking till the wee hours, it’s always a pleasure working with experienced professionals.

Thanks so much for choosing me Sean and Lindie, congratulations!

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