A Journey Into Film

01 Oct 2013

I generally don’t post personal work on my blog because not only do I never have time, but I’m not a fan of talking about myself either. I prefer listening, looking and capturing. This however, is a story I feel is worth telling. I mentioned film in a facebook post and a friend thought I meant movies. When I say film, I mean digital photography’s predecessor.

In 1998 I visited London. I was a couple of years out of school, had long hair, a bag full of baggy clothes, and my mothers little point and shoot instant film camera. I visited family and friends, rode on the tubes, visited old castles, ate at restaurants, drank at pubs and walked around the streets of London. I soaked it all up and felt grateful to be experiencing a first world country. Of course being a tourist meant I had that camera to my eye often. Not long after I returned home I got the photos developed. My mum was expecting happy smiling photos of me with family, instead I showed her photos that I had taken of bridges, landmarks, trees, pigeons and the odd empty carpark. The photos were pretty rubbish, but something had been stirred inside me. I didn’t pick up a camera seriously for another eight years, but when I think about it, that trip to London was the beginning of my photography journey. It was when the seed was planted, and at the time I would have never guessed that photography would one day be my full time job.


Microsoft HP Corporate Event – Oyster Box Hotel

28 Apr 2013

It’s always a pleasure taking a spin to the Oyster Box Hotel no matter what I’m shooting, this time it was a small launch event and product showcase jointly hosted by HP and Microsoft. I must say, as a Mac user even I was intrigued to see the tablets with the swivelling keyboard!


Abbvie Corporate Event – Durban ICC

20 Apr 2013

I was privileged enough to shoot this great event at the ICC for the international pharmaceutical brand Abbvie. The keynote speaker was from abroad, the MC was someone I recognised from the telly and the excellent band Sterling EQ was the highlight for me. They have a stage presence that is notable and their music is wonderfully organic. I brought along a second photographer named Sean Baker to shoot with me, but all the photos below were mine.


The Windmills Lodges

21 Jan 2013

The Windmills in Nottingham Road have just opened 6 new self catering lodges, and they commissioned me to take photos of them to use on their website, brochures and other marketing material. The lodges are stunning. They’re spacious, modern and all fitted with jacuzzi’s and fireplaces. They’re situated in vast open land, so don’t be surprised if you’re sitting in your jacuzzi and a zebra comes to say hello.

I spent the day there, and went to each one individually. In between photographs I was shifting furniture around, climbing on top of walls and baths so I can get great angles of each room. For each photograph I took, I set my camera to take 3 different exposures (called ‘bracketing’) and stuck them all together with photoshop glue.


Aspen Expo Stand – Durban Exhibition Centre

26 Oct 2012

I got a call at 8 in the morning from a company called Cando wanting to know if I can be at the Exhibition Centre in an hour’s time to quickly take some pics of an expo stand before it gets crowded, since I was relatively up to date with my editing I said “Yes sure”. I quickly packed my camera bag and headed out the door, here are the results.


Dolos Commercial Shoot

16 Aug 2012

On Friday afternoon I got a call from Jethro, an art director for a marketing company in Joburg. The brief was simple: photograph the dolosse in Richards Bay, and we need the images on Monday morning 8am for our advertising campaign. A flood of memories rushed through my mind at that exact moment. I know exactly how it is, having worked in advertising for many years. Everything is now now now and there’s no time to breathe. It’s one of the reasons I waved goodbye to it.

I had a wedding on Saturday, which left me only Sunday to do it. I wondered if there wasn’t a row of dolosse in Durban I could shoot instead, so I got in contact with a chap from Island View Storage who assured me there’s a row of them at the end of South Beach near the sailing club. So after clearing it with the client, I headed off at 6.30 Sunday morning to find and shoot the dolosse. It’s actually the first shoot I’ve done in ages that hasn’t involved people.


Nedbank Beneficiary Solutions Launch – Elangeni Hotel

09 May 2012

Nedbank hosted their Beneficiary Solutions Launch at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban. They had speakers and delegates from all over the country in attendance, who were treated to an informative evening and a delicious dinner.


Datacentrix Commercial Shoot

28 Feb 2012

I spent the morning at an IT company called Datacentrix, they wanted staff photos taken. During the course of the day while chatting to some of the staff I was told that they were about to move premises and the company was going to be also undergoing a restructuring, so I had to wonder why I was there doing photos before all of this happened. Anyway I chose not to ask questions and went about taking photos as requested. This was a great bunch of computer boffins with very large smiles!


The Unlimited Child Video

02 Oct 2011

The Unlimited Child is a non-profit organisation which is part of The Unlimited, their focus is on early childhood development. They provide educational toys to rural creche’s all over KZN, with a number of them being in the Inanda, 1000 Hills and Embo townships.

This video was used on the front page of their website. I went right into the township with all my equipment to do the filming, there was a lot of planning involved and extra people on board for this one. The message had to be perfect as well as the visuals and footage.

The Unlimited Origin Video

01 Oct 2011

This was a video that I made for The Unlimited, to introduce the rest of the company to the marketing services department. The video was played at communication sessions to sales teams around the country. I asked the staff to bring some props from home that indicates what their interests are, then I shot all the photos and edited it. This was a really fun project to work on!