Junaid & Anthea Wedding – Cathedral Peak Hotel

14 July 2016

Junaid and Anthea have already been married for 20 years and have two grown up children, but they never actually had a wedding back then. They dreamed of one day having a proper wedding in a beautiful venue in the Drakensburg, and it was an honour for me to be the photographer. The day started out with Junaid getting ready with his son as groomsman, he was a bit camera shy but co-operated with the crazy photographer. Anthea decided on a bright red dress which was beautiful, I was told that is suited her go-getting personality. Their daughter was the bridesmaid. Interestingly they asked all the guests to wear white.

It’s always a treat shooting at a stunning venue like Cathedral Peak Hotel, especially with a bride and groom who are willing and keen for great photos. Congratulations to Junaid and Anthea!


Tumi & Rethabile Maternity – Umhlanga Beach

24 June 2016

Tumi and Rethabile are a wonderful couple who came down to Umhlanga on holiday, and decided they’d like to have a maternity shoot done while they’re here. I met them on the Umhlanga beach and we had a bit of fun, we chatted and got on really well. They were smiling from ear to ear throughout the shoot, and they didn’t mind doing all sorts of crazy things like climbing rocks to get good photos.

Thanks for being so grwat to work with Tumi and Rethabile, all the best for the future!


Barend & Elserie Engagement – Amanzimtoti Beach

21 June 2016

I met Barend and Elserie at the crack of the morning on the Amanzimtoti beach, we were so fortunate to have a wonderful golden sunrise for the first half of their engagement shoot. We splashed around and had some great fun on the beach. Then after a double cappuccino and a giant muffin we went to their gym where they learn martial arts. It’s always nice to include something that is relevant to the couple and their interests as opposed to sticking to just a beach shoot which can sometimes look a bit generic.

It was a great morning and they were wonderful to work with, looking forward to the wedding in November at Haycroft Farm.


Darrin & Sarusha Wedding – Zimbali

08 June 2016

Darrin and Sarusha’s wedding was great, I always love the colours and the atmosphere at Hindu weddings and when it’s held at a stunning venue like Zimbali it can only result in a wonderful day. Sarusha has a very kind nature and a bright smile, and is always up for a bit of adventure. They didn’t mind doing anything I suggested during the photoshoot. Darrin came across as very thoughtful, and his love for Sarusha is very evident. I shot two of the events leading up to the wedding too, which enabled me to meet the families and get to know everyone a bit. I also did an engagement shoot for Darrin and Sarusha.

Dave from Brand New Day Imaging was my video partner, and it’s always a pleasure working with Christo from Zimbali too.  Thanks so much for choosing me to document your journey Darrin and Sarusha, congratulations!


James & Trisha Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

25 May 2016

I met James and Trisha at the crack of dawn at the Umhlanga beach Lagoon, I was hoping we were going to get some lovely sunrise light and I wasn’t disappointed. The golden light shone from behind the trees in all it’s splendour while I shot away as this lovely couple were laughing and talking. We then headed down to the beach to go splash about and have some fun. It was a perfect start to the morning, complete with an almost deserted beach to work with.

I’m looking forward to the wedding next month which is going to be at Lynton Hall.


Robin & Sharon Wedding – The Estuary Hotel

24 May 2016

Robin and Sharon came out to South Africa from London where they met and live, Sharon is from KZN and Robin is British. It was a wonderful intimate celebration of love between two people who are from opposite sides of the planet. A good bunch of their friends brought their beards from the UK to celebrate too. These two must be some of the most genuine and humble people I have ever met, and I really enjoyed being part of their big day. It was a real honour and a pleasure. The Estuary Hotel now caters for smaller weddings too, with Robin and Sharon only having about 40 guests.

The creative shoot was my favourite part, with them wanting natural photos without too much posing, it’s always nice to do some extra documentary style photos in between. We shot on the beach, in the sea, along the roads and what’s great is that we didn’t have to rush. Thanks go out to Robin & Sharon for choosing me for their big day!


Nathi & Bandile Wedding – Collisheen Estate

12 May 2016

I was looking forward to Nathi and Bandile’s wedding since their engagement shoot, because this is a couple who like to have good fun. Bandile wore two dresses which were both very elegant and stylish, she has great taste. I knew their wedding was going to be magical, especially at a venue like Collisheen who have staff that are extremely experienced and efficient. The day went off without a hitch and ended off with a good party. It was a big surprise for the couple when the SA Idols 2013 winner Musa Sukwene appeared and sang to them for their first dance.

Congratulations Nathi and Bandile, it was an honour to be part of your big day!


Vikash & Tashika Wedding – Zimbali

06 May 2016

Vikash & Tashika both got ready for their wedding in the same room at Zimbali Lodge, they just closed the interleading door between them. I was quite surprised to see that when I’d finished doing some photos with Vikash and then went over to Tashika, she was already in her dress and just about ready besides a few finishing touches. Then Vikash went through and helped her for the final few minutes. This is just one of the things that made Vikash & Tashika’s wedding deifferent and personal. There was an overall very colourful feel to this wedding which made for some great photos. Right at the end of the photoshoot we had a little hint of a sunset in which I managed to grab a few golden photos. DJ for the day was David Ward from Topjocks.

Congratulations Vikash and Tashika, your wedding was stunning!


Ty & Bronwyn Engagement – Thompsons Bay

12 April 2016

There’s nothing quite like driving along the N2 to the sunrise engagement shoot, and looking out the car window to see a completely clear sky. It’s times like that when I have to celebrate with a hearty fist pump because I know we’re going to have the best light. I met Bronwyn and Ty on the beach in Ballito at the crack of dawn and we immediately started shooting, They were a little unsure of what to do at first, but within a few minutes we were having a lot of fun, running up and down the beach and coming out of their shells a bit. They live in the USA but came back home for a brief visit before heading off to the Kruger Park for a holiday. It’s worth mentioning that Ty is a PGA pro golfer, I totally respect anyone who get’s off the couch to follow their passion and develop their talent. With Bronwyn at his side I’m sure they’ll be a formidable team.

It was a great shoot and Ty & Bronwyn were a pleasure to work with, wishing them all the best for the wedding planning!


Brett & Tyla Proposal – Oyster Box Hotel

29 March 2016

A couple of weeks before Brett and Tyla were coming on holiday to Umhlanga, Brett mailed me saying that he was planning to propose to Tyla and that he’d like me to capture the moment. Of course it meant that I would have to hide out and shoot it without Tyla knowing, as if I was the paparazzi. He gave me a minute by minute breakdown of the plan, and shortly after the question was popped he was going to alert Tyla of my presence and we’d do a mini engagement shoot. The only thing we weren’t planning on was the rain, but it actually turned out to be a bonus because it meant the beach was nice and quiet. It was nerve-racking even for me who was an outsider, I can only imagine how Brett was feeling. There was no doubt that Tyla would accept, and once it was all done she couldn’t stop smiling and saying thank you. I could see all the emotions happening at once – excitement, nervousness and sheer joy and happiness.

I wish you all the best Brett and Tyla, it was an absolute honour to share such a significant moment in your lives with you!