Hollis & Nikoshia Engagement – Tala Game Reserve

04 June 2014

I did another engagement shoot at Tala Game Reserve, this time for Hollis and Nikoshia. These are two scientists who are shy by nature but very sure of what they want. When they told me they were brining props to their shoot I got a bit nervous because I’m not really one to incorporate props in my photo shoots. I like to take natural photos and I have a very free-flowing style of shooting. Somehow I think it turned out brilliantly, it turns out they were right all along. I’m guessing that neither of them are generally wrong about anything judging by their professions and the amount of effort they put into this shoot. Thanks guys, you made me look good.

We were blessed with a golden sunset which we took full advantage of. I was doing my usual leopard crawling in long grass, climbing trees and walking in ditches to get those different angles. Hollis and Nikoshia decided on a change of outfit mid way through the shoot too for a different look. I’m looking forward to the wedding!


Lucky & Nonku Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

02 June 2014

We were hoping for a golden sunrise over the sea, unfortunately we got an overcast day instead. It also started raining as we started shooting. Not to let that deter us, we carried on shooting anyway. We moved from the main Umhlanga beach to the lagoon by the Breakers Hotel where it started clearing just in time for us to get some fun shots walking over the pathways and on the beach itself. The first image below was blown up onto a canvas for their wedding guests to sign. Congrats on your engagement, I’m looking forward to the wedding at Collisheen at the end of August.


Rob & Tam Wedding – Providence

30 May 2014

On the 17th of April I was at Providence shooting Travis & Juanita’s lovely wedding, when my phone beeped with a message from Cape Town wedding photographer Michael Rose. He said that some family friends of his were getting married at Providence the following weekend and since his wife was going to go into labour any day, there was a possibility he wasn’t going to be able to make it. He wanted to know if I was available to fill in for him. I was hesitant because I had already shot weddings every weekend for 6 weeks in a row and felt like I needed a weekend off. I thought about it some more and decided I would do it. He then confirmed two days before wedding that it was on.

It turned out to be an absolute breeze, Rob and Tam were relaxed and very grateful that I had been able to step in at such short notice. The décor was magnificent, the weather was perfect and everything fell in to place exactly as planned. The videographers for the day were Beyond Measure Productions and the DJ was David Yapp of Top Jocks. Congratulations Rob and Tam, it was an honour and a pleasure!


Ryan & Lisl Engagement – Tala Game Reserve

26 May 2014

I was so glad when Lisl and Ryan told me they had decided on Tala for their engagement shoot, because not only did I know there was a good chance there was going to be a magnificent sunset, but also I hadn’t been out on any form of game drive for way too long. I was starting to have withdrawals. A bit of very sad news is that since we did this shoot, the two rhino in these pictures were poached for their horns. We met up at the main gate and drove around to a few spots until the light got right, then we went in to overdrive shooting mode. Lisl was smiling from ear to ear throughout the shoot which can only brighten up a photo, Ryan had a few photo ideas of his own. It was great that they had prepared for the shoot too, Lisl had her hair and make-up done and Ryan went clothes shopping.

I’m really looking forward to the wedding in October, which is going to be at the newest Midlands venue called The Orchards. Thanks again for choosing me to be your photographer guys!


Andrew & Laralyn Post Wedding Shoot – Thompsons Bay

23 May 2014

Andrew and Laralyn got married at Crab Apple a few days before we did this photo shoot at Thompsons Bay tidal pool. We met first thing in the morning, I was hoping for a spectacular sunrise which didn’t pitch but the light was still nice and soft, and we weren’t dodging any crowds. The tidal pool water was so warm that I couldn’t resist getting in myself, and once we’d finished the shoot I hung around a bit longer to have my legs nipped by the fish in the tidal pool. It was a wonderful hour or two spent away from the computer screen!

Thanks for being willing to humour all my crazy ideas guys, like climbing up rocks and rolling around in the sand!


Andrew & Laralyn Wedding – Crab Apple

22 May 2014

Laralyn is originally from East London and Andrew is from Kloof. Although they both live overseas in the UK, they decided to come back home to get married. They chose their venue without actually realising it and before they were even engaged, they happened to be in the area a few years ago and they popped in to Crab Apple chapel. They fell in love with the magnificent views and country charm. There was a lot of effort put in to the wedding, with lots of little signboards, props and wonderful paraphernalia. Instead of having a formal sit-down reception, they decided on a daytime picnic in the gardens of the chapel. It turned out to be the dream wedding they had always imagined.

We did a few creative photos with the bridal party after the ceremony, and then did some more photos at the end of the day as the sun was going down. We discovered a lovely field of horses, of which one of them tried to eat my camera as I was crouched down taking photos. Next up on the blog will be their Post Wedding Shoot which we did on the beach a few days later. Thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer guys, it was an honour and a pleasure.


Travis & Juanita Wedding – Providence

18 May 2014

I had been looking forward to shooting Travis and Juanita’s wedding for quite a while leading up to it, partly because these are two softly spoken gentle souls who I just knew were going to be game for a great photo shoot. Another reason is because it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo at a picturesque venue like Providence. Juanita enjoys photography herself, she chooses to shoot on film instead of digital which will always speak volumes about appreciating the art of photography. They’re also both keen on fly fishing so it was absolutely necessary that we incorporated a bit of that in to their shoot too.

It was a morning wedding so I arrived at Travis at 06h30 to shoot his preparations, followed by meeting Juanita at Knotts Salon where she had her hair and make-up done. We did a few pics after the ceremony and a longer shoot after the reception, which was great because there was no time limit and we carried on shooting until dark. Congratulations guys, your wedding was stunning. It was an honour to be a part of it!


Trevor & Candice Wedding – The duBoirs

08 May 2014

More and more couples are having less traditional weddings nowdays. I’ve shot weddings in all sorts of places, one was even in a cave. Many traditions are falling by the wayside in favour of backyard and DIY weddings. The opposite was true with Candice and Trevor, there was a wonderful sense of tradition in how their wedding day was organised. Not that change is a bad thing, I’m the first to do things completely differently to anyone else, but sometimes it’s nice to give a salute to what once was and is slowly dissipating.

Candice looked absolutely radiant in her stunning white wedding dress, and Trevor was a dashing groom in a full tuxedo complete with bowtie and a Ferrari. Candice got ready at home, followed by the ceremony and photo shoot at Kearsney College and the reception down the road at The duBoirs in Waterfall. There’s always something magical about a wedding ceremony in a grand old chapel. It was a wonderful day with perfect weather and it was an honour to be a part of it all. Congratulations guys!


Brent & Lauren Wedding – Zimbali

23 April 2014

Since 2012 I’ve wanted to upgrade my Canon Mark II camera body to the new Mark III, but it took some time because it costs about the same as a small car. Finally I was able to order it, and it got delivered the day before Lauren and Brent’s wedding. First on the agenda was to shoot Brent’s preparation, I suggested that him and his groomsmen get in the pool for a few photos. I crouched down next to the pool waiting to take my first official wedding photo with my brand new camera, and what happened next may as well have happened in slow motion. Brent did a running summersault dive bomb, emptying half the pool in the process. Both my camera and I got completely soaked. The mortified look on Brent’s face was priceless once he surfaced and realised what had just happened!

I didn’t get a chance to meet them before the wedding because they live in JHB. Lauren looked like a princess in her stunning dress, she was surrounded by her nearest and dearest throughout the day. Their baby daughter Brooke looked as cute as a button. Congratulations Lauren and Brent, thanks so much for choosing me. Your wedding was wonderful!


Marcell & Monique Post Wedding Shoot – Ballito

15 April 2014

Not long after Marcell & Monique’s stunning wedding in Dalton, we met up in Ballito to do their post wedding shoot. Monique didn’t want to actually trash her dress by swimming in it, but rather wanted more of a fashion inspired ‘cherish the dress’ shoot. I hauled out the flash lighting and went to work on getting her to pose like a fashion model, something I don’t often do. I really enjoyed doing something different for a change. Hope you like the pics guys!