Hollis & Nikoshia Engagement – Tala Game Reserve

04 Jun 2014

I did another engagement shoot at Tala Game Reserve, this time for Hollis and Nikoshia. These are two scientists who are shy by nature but very sure of what they want. When they told me they were brining props to their shoot I got a bit nervous because I’m not really one to incorporate props in…

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Lucky & Nonku Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

02 Jun 2014

We were hoping for a golden sunrise over the sea, unfortunately we got an overcast day instead. It also started raining as we started shooting. Not to let that deter us, we carried on shooting anyway. We moved from the main Umhlanga beach to the lagoon by the Breakers Hotel where it started clearing just…

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Ryan & Lisl Engagement – Tala Game Reserve

26 May 2014

I was so glad when Lisl and Ryan told me they had decided on Tala for their engagement shoot, because not only did I know there was a good chance there was going to be a magnificent sunset, but also I hadn’t been out on any form of game drive for way too long. I…

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Sphe & Nonhlanhla Engagement – Summerveld

02 Apr 2014

My weekend of shooting at Summerveld kicked off with Sphe and Nonhlanhla’s engagement shoot on Friday afternoon, we had some stunning afternoon light which we took full advantage of. The original plan was to do a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ theme, but hiring a vintage car plus extra props and a suitable location turned out to…

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Richard & Tatum Engagement – Summerveld

12 Mar 2014

I met Richard and Tatum at the crack of dawn in Summerveld to do their engagement shoot. We were all hoping for a lovely sunrise with amazing light, but instead we got amazing mist. There’s always something absolutely magical and ethereal about photos that have been taken on a misty day, especially in lush green…

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André & Brigitte Engagement – Shongweni and Kloof

04 Mar 2014

I met André and Brigitte at the crack of dawn in Shongweni where we began their engagement shoot. Brigitte had told me that they have a red MG Midget convertible car, so that’s where the idea came from to have a vintage road trip theme. Nearby the location where I had in mind was a couple of…

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Marcell & Monique Engagement – Dalton

20 Dec 2013

I spent a wonderful afternoon up in the fresh air of Dalton, KZN with Marcell and Monique. We drove around Marcell’s family farm doing their engagement pics, nothing was planned in advance and we just jumped out the car and shot wherever we noticed an appealing location. A few wardrobe changes happened along the way…

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Marnus & Marlize Engagement – Umhlanga

13 Aug 2013

Marnus and Marlize live in Ermelo, but they’re getting married here in KZN early next year at Collisheen Estate in Ballito. They stayed the long weekend in Umhlanga so they decided it would be a good idea to have their engagement photos done at the same time. I was hoping we were going to have…

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Adriaan & Heather Engagement – Tala

25 Jun 2013

When Adriaan and Heather arrived for their engagement shoot I thought they were two models, not an actual engaged couple. Heather works as cabin crew for Emirates Airlines and lives in Dubai, they love to travel together and they love aeroplanes and travelling. So when I told her the news that I had arranged for…

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Dylan & Candice Engagement – Ballito

20 Jun 2013

This couple are full of fun, I could just feel the playfulness and love they have for each other. We met late in the afternoon in Ballito to shoot their engagement photos, we started off in some wide open spaces and carried on until sunset. Their wedding is going to be in October at Palm…

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