Labora Shoes Videos

20 Oct 2016

I was asked by a company called Labora Shoes to put together two videos for an event they were hosting. One of the videos was about the founder of the company and the book that he had written about his life and rise to success, the other was about the foundation that he founded. I…

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Glodina Textiles Company Shoot

27 Apr 2016

It’s been a while since I posted a shoot that hasn’t been a wedding or at least wedding related. I also do corporate photography during the week, and the Glodina shoot was a typical day at a company for me. My main focus was the staff portraits which took most of the morning, then when those were…

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Brahman Hills Venue Shoot

03 Feb 2016

There is a well known wedding venue / B&B in the Nottingham Road area called The Windmills, well they have rebranded and changed it’s name to Brahman Hills. They’ve also added a new larger reception venue, more rooms and a spa. All of this of course meant that they needed new photos for their website,…

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Kruger National Park – August 2015

11 Nov 2015

About once a year or so I try find the time to get away and take some photos that don’t contain people with white dresses, this time it was up to the Kruger National Park where we spent a week. We stayed at Lower Sabie Rest Camp which is right on the Sabie River. We had heards…

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Collisheen Staff & Venue

12 Aug 2015

One of the wedding venues that I shoot at very often is Collisheen in Ballito, I’ve built up a good working relationship with the wedding co-ordinators so when they needed some photos for their website I was honoured that they chose me to do them, considering they have different photographers there every weekend shooting weddings. They…

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Tala Game Reserve – January 2015

03 Jan 2015

The wildlife in our beautiful country is one of the reasons I still live here. Once a year I like to take a trip up to the Kruger Park and spend a week or so doing wildlife photography, but in between trips when I’m having withdrawals I’ll head on up to our little local game reserve…

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Kruger National Park – July 2014

29 Jul 2014

I am not a wildlife photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t own one of those bazooka-sized lenses or know the movements of every animal off by heart, in fact there were quite a few birds and other animals that I didn’t even know the names of at all. One thing is for sure…

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A Journey Into Film

01 Oct 2013

I generally don’t post personal work on my blog because not only do I never have time, but I’m not a fan of talking about myself either. I prefer listening, looking and capturing. This however, is a story I feel is worth telling. I mentioned film in a facebook post and a friend thought I…

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The Windmills Lodges

21 Jan 2013

The Windmills in Nottingham Road have just opened 6 new self catering lodges, and they commissioned me to take photos of them to use on their website, brochures and other marketing material. The lodges are stunning. They’re spacious, modern and all fitted with jacuzzi’s and fireplaces. They’re situated in vast open land, so don’t be…

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Dolos Commercial Shoot

16 Aug 2012

On Friday afternoon I got a call from Jethro, an art director for a marketing company in Joburg. The brief was simple: photograph the dolosse in Richards Bay, and we need the images on Monday morning 8am for our advertising campaign. A flood of memories rushed through my mind at that exact moment. I know…

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