Tara Portfolio Shoot – Talloula

09 May 2017

It feels like forever since I’ve had the time to update my blog, in fact I’m going to have to do some posts and backdate them because I’ve had a ridiculously chaotic past few months. Today’s shoot however is of a budding actress and model named Tara who is on her way to the USA…

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KGB Holdings Warehouse

22 Mar 2017

I was on my way to another shoot when I got a call from one of my old clients, he told me one of their warehouses was empty and they needed professional photos to advertise it to potential tenants. The brief was quite simple, to show off the space and scale of the warehouse and…

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Action Coach Staff Shoot

21 Mar 2017

I often get called into businesses to take professional photos of the staff, premises and machinery. The photos get used on websites, in annual reports, brochures and other marketing material. Action Coach is one such company. I like to capture the staff in their work environment, it gives the photos an honest and real element…

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Chilli Source Design Staff Shoot

09 Feb 2017

I was called in to a company called Chilli Source to do their corporate staff photos. Being a design and advertising company, it was important to push the creativity. Luckily their office block provided ample opportunity to shoot. We used indoor stairs, couches and walls to compliment the compositions. We also did a lot of…

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Motion Tronic Company Shoot

07 Dec 2016

Motion Tronic are an industrial automation business, I have no idea what that even means but they seem to sell and service all sorts of electronic machines and gadgetry that you’ll most likely find in factories. All I know is that they have a lot of complicated looking machinery there and the staff seem to be real…

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Bradshaw Leroux Videos

24 Nov 2016

At the same time that I did the staff headshots, I also shot the below footage for the introduction videos. Lesa was a natural in front of the camera, she spoke confidently and directly. It’s always such a pleasure working with clients that are on the ball!

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1st Call Group Company Shoot

24 Nov 2016

I got a call from Stacey from A Brand Adventure, she told me she needed a photo shoot for a company in two days time and the images had to be ready the following day. Normally I would turn down a shoot with such a tight deadline, but since I’ve known her for many years…

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Bradshaw Leroux Staff Shoot

23 Nov 2016

I was commissioned by Bradshaw Leroux to generate some video content as well as headshots to be used on their website and marketing material. This is a company who are extremely efficient in recruitment and placing people with physical disabilities in the job market and doing integration training too, as well as other services. It…

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Lexsea Catalogue Shoot

03 Nov 2016

Lexy has launched a range of beachwear and accessories, and came down to Durban from JHB to do a photo shoot. These are the images that are going to appear on her website and other marketing material. I met Lexy and her sister Kate on the Umhlanga beach, they arrived with a rack full of clothing and…

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Kangelani Lodge

28 Oct 2016

Kangelani Lodge are redesigning their website and were in need of updated images, so they called me in to take photos. We had to postpone the shoot originally because they had guests checking in at the last minute. I took photos of the exterior from the front and back, pool, bar, reception, lounge, dining hall and…

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