Njabulo & Nombulelo Wedding – Alpine Heath Resort

22 Dec 2016

Njabulo and Nombulelo came down from Johannesburg to Alpine Heath resort in the KZN Drakensberg to get married. They had a wonderful celebration full of joy and laughter. Njabulo got ready at the venue, while Nombulelo got ready at her parents house as per tradition, and arrived already in her wedding dress and ready to get married. We did half the creative shoot straight after the ceremony and the other half at sunset after the reception, both times a chap from the venue came along with a white horse which we used for some of the photos.

Congratulations Njabulo and Nombulelo, your wedding was stunning.


Tobias & Prinita Wedding – Lythwood Lodge

21 Nov 2016

Tobias and Prinita had a multi cultural international wedding, with guests from five continents. Prinita is originally from Durban, she met Tobias while she was living overseas and the two got together. Tobias is from Germany, but has lived in different countries all over the world and collected friends all along the way. They live in Germany now that they are married, and kudos to Prinita who taught herself the German language and can speak fluently.

The wedding started off with a traditional Hindu ceremony, followed by canopés, then the Christian ceremony followed by more canopés and finally the reception which included video messages from friends all over the world and a fireworks display. It was great working with pros like Jonno from Videoccasions, Dave Yapp from Top Jocks and the band Afritude.


Malcolm & Roz Wedding – Cranford Country Lodge

02 Nov 2016

It’s not often one gets to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman at one of your parents weddings, but that’s exactly what Malcolm and Roz’s children were. This was a really fun wedding with major emphasis on having a lot of laughs and a great celebration. Roz wore a Marie Antoinette inspired dress and a bouquet full of baby’s breath, Malcolm and his groomsmen opted for brown waistcoats and trousers.

It seems like every time I shoot a wedding at Cranford Country Lodge it ends up raining, which really emphasises the green outdoors country feel of the venue. Luckily it held out just long enough to take a walk around the dam and get some photos, and we went in when it started coming down again. Congratulations to Malcolm and Roz!


Denver & Sam Wedding – Lambert House

26 Oct 2016

Denver and Sam have only been together for a short time, but knew they were right for each other from the start. They were married at a lovely guest house in Durban called Lambert House which has a magnificent view of Durban, and had an open air reception. It was an intimate ceremony with just those that are closest to them. Sam was feeling a bit ill the night before her wedding but she pressed on and made the most of it. There was a lot of laughter, smiles and emotions.

Thanks for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day Denver and Sam, I wish you guys all the best!


Neil & Keshani Wedding – Lynton Hall

13 Oct 2016

Exactly nine weeks after I shot James & Trisha’s wedding at Lynton Hall, I was back again to shoot Neil & Keshani’s big day. It’s amazing that even though it was the same venue, same setup and basically same time of year, it was also completely different. Photos that I took which came out brilliantly at the last one didn’t work at all this time, and vice versa. It just goes to show that it actually doesn’t matter where you take your vows, what you’re wearing or what your décor looks like, the most important thing is the love, commitment and family around you. The things I look for when taking photos are the moments in between the moments and the natural interaction between the couple. I often crack silly jokes or act like a clown in order to pull the smiles out of people, but at the end of the day it’s the love and the light that makes for great photos.

It was great working with my friends from Beyond Measure Productions who did the video. Congratulations to Neil and Keshani!


Jody & Chevaughne Wedding – Eagles Cry

03 Oct 2016

Jody & Chevaughne got married under a large tree on the bank of the Dudley Pringle dam in Tongaat, which is very near Ballito. The venue that is fortunate enough to be so conveniently situated is Eagles Cry. They have a few rooms in which the bride and groom can get ready too, which makes it very convenient. This was a really fun wedding, with Jody and his groomsmen providing the constant jokes and laughs throughout the day. Chevaughne wore a stunning dress with a lovely long veil which always helps for some wonderful photos. For the first time in a while the bridesmaids weren’t wearing infinity dresses, instead they were wearing lovely elegant pink dresses which Chevaughne picked out.

It was also great to work with André from Gouveia Video. Congratulations to Jody and Chevaughne!


Chris & Jessica Wedding – Greensleeves at Camelot

07 Sep 2016

Since Jess was very young she wanted her wedding to be in a castle, and the colour scheme would be purple. She’d meet her handsome prince who would adore her and they would be betrothed in a small ceremony with those nearest and dearest. Jess’s dream came true when Chris and her were married at Greesleeves at Camelot in Hillcrest.

They had originally booked another photographer, who ended up going overseas for another wedding so I was referred over. It was such a nice change to shoot a wedding so close to home, literally 5 minutes down the road. We had a brief but magnificent sunset which I took full advantage of. It was a wonderful day, congratulations to Chris & Jess!


James & Trisha Wedding – Lynton Hall

29 Aug 2016

I had been looking forward to James & Trisha’s wedding for quite some time, partly because they had their ceremony at the beautiful Renishaw chapel where my neice was also married, and partly because they were a really fun couple to work with on their engagement shoot. The stunning Lynton Hall gardens was the venue for the cocktail hour, photo shoot and reception which was held in a marquee.

Trisha hails from the USA, and she had a large group of friends and family come out to sunny South Africa for the wedding. James is from KZN, he tells me he also enjoys wildlife photography. The two met while working at a game farm together, as told by James during his wonderful speech. Congratulations to Trisha and James!


Chris & Tunya Wedding – Tala Game Reserve

16 Aug 2016

I love shooting at game reserves, whether it’s a wedding or wildlife I just love being in the outdoors with my camera. I have actually done a bit of wildlife photography on a few trips to game reserves around the country including the Kruger National Park. You can see some of my Kruger photos here and here, and some Tala photos here. Chris and Tunya also happened to go to Kruger for their honeymoon, what a treat!

They had a wonderful wedding at the Fig Tree Barn at Tala Game Reserve, with an outdoor ceremony on the lawn in front of the stone chapel. The decor was put together splendidly and the ambiance inside the reception venue was wonderful. They had a great bunch of guests who were keen for a good party to celebrate the union of their best friends. I also spotted a few familiar faces because Chris and Tunya are a locally based couple. Congratulations to Chris & Tunya!


Duncan & Taryn Wedding – The Rain Farm

05 Aug 2016

Duncan & Taryn live in Australia now, but came home to KZN to get married at the ever beautiful Rain Farm in Compensation, Ballito. I always love visiting game farms, especially to shoot a wedding. I had an extremely bad bout of flu, but I didn’t let it stop me from working as hard as always. As usual I was rolling around on the ground and walking through long grass to get the shots.

They had a wonderful ceremony in the picturesque chapel, followed by the photo shoot for which we drove around on the game viewer with all the bridesmaids, groomsmen and children. The speeches were hilarious and I loved the big fire in the centre of the reception hall. Congratulations Duncan & Taryn, thanks for choosing me!