Byron & Danté Wedding – Cathedral Peak Hotel

28 Jul 2015

Byron and Danté chose one of the most picturesque venues in the Drakensburg for their wedding. I always love shooting at Cathedral Peak, the only thing is that I was dreading the two and a half hour drive there and the same drive home at the end of the night. I’ve been shooting there for years and the road has gotten progressively worse, but to my absolute elation I found that it has been re-tarred and the drive was smooth and comfortable, I arrived feeling fresh and ready to shoot.

Danté made sure that the day went exactly the way she planned it. The décor was handmade and wonderful, the weather was perfect and the celebration was as joyous as it can get. The bridal party was full of fun and we had a good time during their creative photo shoot. There were also a lot of emotional moments which are one of the things I often like to make sure I capture well. Thanks so much Danté and Byron for choosing me to shoot your spectacular wedding, it was a real honour!


Kishan & Fahiema Wedding – Camp Orchards

22 Jul 2015

Camp Orchards is a beautiful venue in Hillcrest, and it was a perfect day. Kishan and Fahiema had a hybrid wedding that consisted of a Hindu ceremony and a western style reception, Fahiema wanted to wear her stunning white wedding dress with long vail for her wedding photos. Because of the time constraints we decided that it would be best to split the creative shoot in half, we did half of it before the ceremony and the other half at sunset when the light was best. This also meant that both Kishan and Fahiema had to change outfits three times. Fahiema’s change into her white dress after the ceremony was done at record speed, after I told her the light was fading quickly. We just managed to sneak in a few sunset shots.

It was a wonderful day full of bright colours, laughs and a wonderful celebration. I only had a five minute drive home because I live just up the road, what a treat. Congratulations Kishan and Fahiema, thanks for choosing me to document your big day!


Jason & Justine Wedding – Shalwyn

10 Jul 2015

If you had told me back in 2011 when Roscoe & Ema first booked me to shoot their wedding in Durban that I would end up shooting another 5 weddings for their circle of families and friends, I would never have believed you. The latest installment is Jason & Justine’s stunning big day which was held at the beautiful Shalwyn wedding venue in the Tala valley. Justine was one of Ema’s bridesmaids.

The day started out with the preparations at Thorner Country Estate near Pietermaritzburg. I always try and guess the level of chaos that I’m going to walk into when I arrive to start shooting the bride’s preparation, sometimes I arrive to 30 people having a complete meltdown but Justine and her bridesmaids were all chilled and laughing. There was no panic and if she was at all nervous then she definately wasn’t showing it. She was all smiles, and she remained calm the whole time. The rest of the day was perfect, we had a glorious sunset which enabled us to get some magnificent photos. Congratulations to Justine and Jason, it was an honour to be part of this wonderful wedding!


Ritson Family – Umhlanga Beach

05 Jul 2015

The Umhlanga beach will always hold a special place in my heart, because my family and I used to go there when I was a child. This was before the big walkway and the pier, before all the development and before all the hotels had locked gates leading on to the beach. Not that I’m old, but sometimes it’s nice to remember the great memories from your childhood. So many families and couples book me to do shoots there and I always jump at the opportunity.

The Ritson’s are a fun-loving family, mum Simone wanted a photo shoot before her two boys leave for the UK. She told me she’d been trying for something like 20 years to get everyone together, and on the same day the boys left for overseas she eventually managed to pull it off!


Nimit & Pamela Wedding – Collisheen Estate

01 Jul 2015

Nimit & Pamela had a wonderful wedding at Collisheen Estate. The weather was looking quite dubious throughout the morning, then just before the ceremony (which was set up in the garden) it started raining. Everyone rushed inside along with all the staff who were carrying all the items from the stage. Then an hour or two later it started clearing up so everyone went back outside and the stage was set up for the garden ceremony again. It was one of the more challenging weddings I’ve shot, an outdoor ceremony at night with just one little light illuminating the stage that belonged to the videographers Heartistic Productions. I was almost ready to throw in the towel, but I pressed on with my prime lenses and carried on shooting. It was quite an experience, and one that definitely pushed the boundaries of what is possible with modern equipment.

The couple were all smiles throughout the day and they were such a wonderfully fun couple. Congratulations Nimit and Pamela, your wedding was stunning and it also made me a better photographer, and for that I’m truly grateful!


Barend & Jorette Wedding – Hartford House

25 Jun 2015

Hartford House is one of those venues that I can never get tired of shooting at, it’s just stunning everywhere you look. We were blessed with some beautiful golden light for the photo shoot, which had me jumping for joy. We went to go find some horses during the photo shoot but unfortunately there were none around so we made the most of the light and surroundings.

Barend was a little camera shy, so I did my best to not over do it, in the morning he was looking at me like I was crazy but by the end of the day he was relaxed and full of fun. Jorette was in her element surrounded by all her closest friends and family, and her bridesmaids took good care of her from the beginning of the day through to the end of the reception. The ceremony was held at the Mooi River NG Kerk, which I was really pleased about because I got the freedom to walk around, take photos and do my job without restriction. Congratulations Barend and Jorette, thanks so much for choosing me to document your wonderful wedding, hope you like the pics!


POPCRU Corporate Event – Durban ICC

19 Jun 2015

POPCRU is the SA police union. I had mixed emotions shooting this event. On one hand it was an honour to be chosen to shoot an event of this magnitude, the sheer scale and enormity of it was mind blowing. On the other hand, it felt like I had been transformed back in to the seventies or eighties because it was basically an anti-apartheid rally, except it was held at the biggest venue in KZN and millions were spent on it. They gave out prizes to freedom fighters and brought up O.R. Tambo’s grandson to speak. I couldn’t help but imagine what an effect it would have on our country if this much attention, energy and expense had been spent on the future instead of the history. Imagine they had been celebrating the current successes and victories of the police force, for example if they managed to crack down on corruption and violent crime. Obviously they can’t because they haven’t achieved any of that. The other thing which had me thinking was that honest hard-working tax-paying citizens like myself are the ones paying for this massive extravagance, they had SA music legend Ray Phiri on stage, hologram presentations, a massive team of media professionals and a hall decked out like it was a U2 concert. Still, it was something to behold.

Thanks so much to photographers Stuart Dods, Kevin Bender and Stephen Railton who helped shoot this event, all the below images were shot by me.


Hosea & Rosa Wedding – Calderwood Hall

15 Jun 2015

Rosa got in contact with me well in advance before her wedding, she actually hadn’t even booked the venue yet. She had seen the image of Travis & Juanita in the boat and decided she had to have a boat photo too, so she set about finding a venue with a small dam and a boat. They came across Calderwood Hall and they loved it. I also always love shooting at Calderwood because on a good sunset day the light comes streaming across the valley, which if used right can result in some incredible creative photos. It was an emotional day, with Hosea unable to hold back the tears during the vows which made Rosa follow suit. The most adorable flower girls with flower crowns played the violin during the ceremony while Hosea & Rosa signed the register.

What a magnificent day, congratulations Hosea & Rosa!


Tshego & Palisa Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

04 Jun 2015

Tshego first enquired with me about a couple shoot on the beach, and after a few back and forth emails he dropped the bomb that he was actually going propose during the shoot. Then he dropped another bomb, he wasn’t familiar with the area either so he wanted to know where was a good place to pop the question. I suggested that he should do it on the rocks by the lighthouse while the sun was rising over the sea, he liked the idea so we made the arrangements. When the light was good and I was in position I gave him a sneaky thumbs up, he pulled the ring out of his back pocket and dropped down to one knee. Once the initial flurry of smiles and tears had passed we took a walk down the peer for some more photos.

Congratulations Tshego and Palisa, it was such a special moment and it was a real honour to be part of it. All the best for your wedding planning!


Avi & Sheri Engagement – Casuarina Beach

04 Jun 2015

Avinesh and Shereeze are a really fun couple who came down from Johannesburg to do their engagement shoot at the abandoned house next to Beach Bums, I was skeptical about shooting there since it doesn’t really hold any appeal to me or my style of photography. I like to put people in good light, get them to loosen up and capture their natural interaction with each other, so the location doesn’t really matter as long as the light is there and the couple are having fun. We decided to split the shoot in half, the first half was at sunrise in the good light on the beach, then when it started getting too bright we moved over to the house. I was expecting lots of swear words to be written on the walls inside there, which I’d have to photoshop out of the images, but I was pleasantly surprised to see some incredible graffiti art.

The wedding is going to be at Coastlands in Umhlanga which is going to be wonderful, looking forward to it!