Tyronne & Jo-Anne Engagement – Ballito

10 Dec 2014

Tyronne recently popped the question to Jo-Anne at sunrise on the rocks on the Ballito beach, so they wanted to have their engagement shoot at the same spot and at the same time of day. The day arrived and we had arranged to meet up at 6am, however I was on my way there and decided to turn around and go back home. It was too late, the good light had already passed, so we arranged to meet the following day instead at 4.30am so that we could still catch the sunrise. Tyronne brought his bicycle, Jo-Anne brought her winning smile and we shot away.

I’ve had a few photographers ask me how I achieved the light spots in the below photo after they saw it on my facebook page, the answer is very simple, I simply flicked a few drops of water on my lens and aimed it towards the sunrise. Viola.

Thanks for being so great to work with Tyronne and Jo-Anne, I’m looking forward to your wedding!


Dane & Lisa Wedding – Providence

09 Dec 2014

I always know it’s going to be a good day when I go shoot at Providence, it’s such a magnificent venue that it’s really hard to take a bad photo there. Of course it always helps if the couple are game for anything and are a lot of fun too, Dane and Lisa had a crazy bridal party who were up for a good party. We were blessed with perfect weather all day, only right towards the end of the evening did it start to rain, and it came down in buckets. The electricity tripped but Providence is so organised that they have backup generators, so not a moment was lost on the dance floor. The boys got ready at Troutbagger Farm which is next door to Providence, and the girls got ready at Rawdons hotel which is a grand old hotel in Nottingham Road.

Dane and Lisa came down from Johannesburg to get married close to Lisa’s home town. Dane brought his groomsmen which included radio personality Sasha Martinengo who also served as master of ceremonies, which was only ever going to be hilarious. Congratulations Dane and Lisa, thanks for choosing me, and thanks to Fern from Providence for assuring Lisa that I’m a good guy and that she should book me for her wedding photos!


Ryan & Lisl Wedding – Orchards

09 Nov 2014

I was looking forward to shooting Lisl & Ryan’s wedding, partly because they were a lot of fun during their engagement shoot, and partly because the venue is one of the newest in the Midlands, it’s called Orchards and it’s absolutely stunning. The main house is a thatched double story mansion with lots of rooms and hallways and stairs, the chapel and reception hall have a very modern yet countrified feel and it’s all set on a perfectly manicured rolling lawn with a stream at the bottom. I arrived at the venue straight after Ryan’s preparation down the road and instantly knew I had my work cut out for me, people were buzzing all over and setting up while the girls were having their hair and make-up done.

Three moments that stood out for me was firstly Lisl’s dad who took about three seconds for a tear to appear in his eye after seeing Lisl in her wedding dress, the second was the exact same thing when Ryan saw her, and the third was the amount of smiles and family love that I could just feel all around me all day. Congratulations Ryan and Lisl!


Zamani & Zimasa Wedding – Collisheen Orchid House

02 Nov 2014

When Zimasa first got in contact with me she said the wedding was going to be in April, but I wasn’t available. Then one day she emailed again and said it was going to be in October instead, this time I was available for their date. Her and Zamani came down from Johannesburg to get married at the lovely Orchid House at Collisheen Estate where I spend a lot of Saturdays shooting weddings. The venue is really well run, with everything being planned out to perfection by the efficient staff. Zimasa got ready in the bridal suite, with it’s lovely light that comes streaming through the large windows. The ceremony was full of singing and dancing. We had about 15 minutes of daylight to do the photo shoot, then when it got too dark I had to bring out the flashes and get creative. A memorable moment was during the throwing of the bouquet and garter, I’ve never seen someone so happy to catch a garter before in my life, he was so overcome with sheer joy that he fell to the ground with his hands and feet in the air!

Jonathan from Videoccasions was capturing the video who is always a pleasure to work with. Congratulations Zamani & Zimasa, thanks for choosing me to be your photographer. Hope you like the pics!


Thabani & Judith Wedding – Bellwood

29 Oct 2014

I always love shooting at Bellwood Cottages in Nottingham Road, it’s definitely one of the more scenic venues in the Midlands with it’s long line of trees along the roads, stables and old barn chapel. Thabani first got in contact with me during the week of Adriaan and Heather‘s wedding which by amazing coincidence was at Bellwood too. This time I saw a very different side to the venue because the day started being sunny and warm, and slowly turned into rain and very thick mist just in time for the creative photo shoot. So what did we do? We used umbrellas and shot anyway, towards the end of the shoot it was starting to clear up so I took Thabani and Judith to the little jetty on the dam.

This was a very festive wedding, with a lot of singing, dancing and laughing, which is exactly what weddings should be. They’re a celebration, and my job is to capture the essence of that celebration in a unique and creative way. Congratulations Thabani & Judith, it was a pleasure shooting for you!


Jean Marc & Emma Wedding – Zimbali

22 Oct 2014

Jean Marc is originally from Durban, whereas Emma and her bridesmaids are are all from the UK. They came out for the wedding at Zimbali, and it was a stunning wedding too! My hat off to Emma for arranging it all from there.

I didn’t think we were going to have much time for creative photos because the ceremony was held at a church in Durban North, then it was a matter of driving through to Zimbali afterwards. With the strict access control, I thought they were all going to be waiting for me but I somehow ended up there before them. From what I gathered Jean Marc is quiet and sincere type, a guitar player. Emma is genuine, honest and down to earth, together they make a stunning couple. DJ for the evening was Steven Heyns from The Wedding DJ. Congratulations Jean Marc and Emma, thanks for being so awesome and for choosing me!


Tumelo & Kulu Wedding – Zimbali

19 Oct 2014

I had planned a photo shoot route for Westley & Andrea’s wedding at Zimbali which I shot two weeks before Tumelo & Kulu’s. After the beach photos I planned to take them along the pathway walk that leads to a waterfall while shooting at various spots along the way, unfortunately we completely ran out of time at that wedding so Tumelo & Kulu ended up being the recipients of that route. We were very blessed to have a wonderful afternoon sunset to work with too, which always makes such a difference to the photos. It was so windy on the beach during the ceremony and creative shoot that we eventually headed up to the bridge for the bridal party portraits.

It always makes such a difference to shoot for a couple who really want good photos and are prepared to put a bit of effort in to get them, at one stage they were bent down walking through a cave under a waterfall to get to the other side where there is a clearing where I wanted to do some photos. Thanks for putting in the effort Tumelo & Kulu, congratulations!


Eduardo & Sunette Engagement – Umhlanga

14 Oct 2014

I got an email from an ecstatic sounding Eduardo, he told me that him and Sunette had gotten engaged the day before and that they’d like to do an engagement shoot to remember the occasion. They wanted it to be at the exact place that they got engaged, which was standing at the bottom of the Umhlanga lighthouse overlooking the sea. How romantic. So I met up with them that afternoon at 4pm and we began doing some casual beach photos, what I didn’t expect was for them to be so brilliant in front of the camera. I didn’t really have to say much for the duration of the shoot, simply because I was able to get great shots just by letting them interact with each other naturally. They were laughing, having fun and being close the whole time, which is exactly what I normally prompt couples to do anyway. I was a happy photographer.

Congratulations on your engagement Eduardo and Sunette, it was wonderful spending a bit of time with you guys!


Lucky & Nonku Wedding – Collisheen Estate

13 Oct 2014

It was a very windy day in Ballito at Collisheen Estate, we had our work cut out for us to try take advantage of the opportunities the wind creates without looking windswept in the photos. Nonku was already in her wedding dress when she arrived, so I had to shoot the jewellery and other details when she was already wearing it, which to my surprise actually turned out quite nicely. We had lovely afternoon light and a bridal party that was full of fun. This was an upmarket wedding for a humble but discerning couple who hail from Johannesburg.

Please click here if you would like to see their engagement shoot which we did in Umhlanga. Thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer Lucky & Nonku, and congratulations!


Deena & Janine Wedding – Collisheen Orchid House

08 Oct 2014

I’m not entirely sure where to start with Deena and Janine’s wedding. This was a wedding that not only brought together different cultures, but it brought together people from all over the world too. Janine is originally from Germany, but she’s been living in the UK for a number of years where she met Deena who is originally from South Africa. This was their second wedding, the other one happened recently in Germany. This wedding was actually comprised of two weddings because they had a Christian ceremony followed by a Hindu ceremony. One can imagine that I had my work cut out for me for the day. After two ceremonies in one afternoon there unfortunately wasn’t much time left for a creative shoot, but that didn’t stop us from stealing 10 minutes of photos as it was getting dark. Thank heavens for prime lenses.

During the week leading up to their wedding I picked up an injury, so I was hobbling around all day on a swollen foot, and to make matters even worse I was on some seriously potent painkillers and antibiotics which put me in a complete daze. I still somehow managed to pull it off and believe I got some great shots. It was a real privilege to be part of this multi cultural celebration, congratulations Deena & Janine!