Wedding Videos

I have a long history of being involved in video production. Due to demand together with my extensive experience in wedding photography I decided to include wedding videos in my service offering, many of the same principles and even equipment are common to both photography and video. You can choose a photography and video combo package in which case my amazingly talented fiancé Ruth will shoot the video footage under my guidance while I do the photography.


Corporate Videos

I have a long history of working on corporate video productions, from concept and storyboarding through to filming, editing, audio and final output. I am fully equipped to make videos for your website, event or advertising campaign and can also incorporate graphics and animations.

The above two videos were part of a series of videos I made for my client Bradshaw Leroux, they serve as introduction videos on their website.


I made the above two videos for Labora Shoes for an event they held, to introduce the foundation as well as to launch the book that the founder of the company had written.


I made the above four videos while working as a graphic designer / photographer at a company called The Unlimited many years ago.