Jono & Robyn Wedding – Munster Beach

11 January 2016

There’s nothing like going on holiday, finding a beautiful beach spot and deciding to one day get married there, which is exactly what Jono and Robyn did. They also found a guest house close by and put up a tent on the tennis court for their reception. It was a perfect day on Munster Beach and guests came from all over the world to celebrate with this great couple. A few parts stood out for me during the speeches in that Jono’s best man described seeing Jono dressed in lycra from head to toe, because like me he is also a cyclist and sometimes we need to wear ridiculous looking aerodynamic clothing. Robyn’s dad brought a home-made Christmas card that she had made him when she was a child and described it while Robyn had tears in her eyes, it was a really special moment.

I also did an engagement shoot for them in JHB last year which you can see here. Jono tells me they’re now moving to the UK to begin their lives as husband and wife. Congratulations Jono and Robyn!


Michail & Annika Wedding – Providence

05 January 2016

It was a rainy day up at Providence in the KZN Midlands, I arrived at the family farm to shoot the preparations but couldn’t make it across some of the roads because of all the mud. As a result I never got to shoot Michail’s preparations, he wasn’t all that fussed. Luckily Annika was on the same farm so I went straight there and carried on as usual. Annika is a former waitress at Providence and Michail is a farmer in the area, so it seemed logical to get married at a venue that was close by and that they knew well. Also, if there’s one venue that’s prepared for the rain as well as still being able to take good photos regardless of the weather, then Providence is it.

I have to say a huge thank you to Michail and Annika for their patience in receiving their wedding pics, I fell so far behind on my editing last year and these two were unfortunately one of the few couples who have waited a few extra weeks. Congrats Michail and Annika!


Webber Family – Summerveld

23 December 2015

It’s always a special time when a family comes together from all over the world for the holidays. This is Bridget with her brothers and their families, one brother lives in JHB and the other in Australia. This was originally meant to be a beach photo shoot but with the gale force winds on the coast it was impossible to shoot there, so we settled on Summerveld instead. When there kids involved and they are full of fun, it can only result in lots of smiles in the photos.

Thanks for picking me to do your shoot Bridget, it was a pleasure spending a bit of time with you all!


Mithesh & Sharlene Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

07 December 2015

I met Mithesh & Sharlene at the crack of dawn on the Umhlanga beach, it was just a few days before the wedding so they were very excited. We had a magical warm sunrise with a dramatic sky and a perfectly quiet beach besides a few fisherman. Some couples can be really shy in front of the camera, in which case I have to give more direction and set things up more. Fortunately, Mithesh and Sharlene were really fun to work with, so for a lot of the shoot all I had to do was position them in good light and tell them to interact naturally. We started off by the lighthouse, then went to the pier and finally to the lagoon for something a bit different.

Thanks for being so fun to work with Mithesh and Sharlene, your wedding pics will be up next.


Grant & Kelly Wedding – Talloula

04 December 2015

It was an absolute honour to shoot for Grant and Kelly, one of the reasons is because this is the fourth or fifth wedding I’ve shot for this group of friends and family. It’s so great to be shooting and to see so many familiar faces. I must say a huge thank you to Grant and Kelly for being so patient in waiting for their photos, it’s been quite a few weeks since their wedding but I just haven’t had enough time to get down to editing.

Talloula is a stunning venue which is located in Botha’s Hill, about 10 minutes from where I live. The food is delicious, décor is modern and contemporary and it just has an arty feel to it which I love. It was also such a pleasure to have such a quick drive home and a relatively early night. We had a glimpse of a sunset during the photo shoot before it clouded over, so I made sure I took full advantage of it. Congratulations Grant and Kelly!


Fiorito Family – Umhlanga Beach

01 December 2015

The Fiorito family came out from Canada to adopt a new son to their family, they had been going through a lot of admin to get everything sorted out and were very relieved and excited to be here in South Africa. They marked the occasion with a family photo shoot. The main Umhlanga beach was too windy and crowded to shoot, so we went along to the lagoon instead.

It was wonderful spending a bit of time with this kind family!


Msimang Family – Umhlanga Beach

24 November 2015

The Msimang family came on holiday to KZN and decided they wanted a photo shoot on the beach, it was their youngest daughters birthday and as a present she got to stay at the Oyster Box. They had matching colour outfits and props but most importantly they brought their smiles.

I had a conversation with Kabelo after the shoot about photography and editing because she has an interest in photography herself. That conversation reminded me of how much I don’t even think about any of the technical aspects of photography any more, be it cameras, lenses, computers and software. That all just becomes routine second nature when you shoot and edit a lot, it’s just the tools you use to achieve a creative vision the same way that a chef uses kitchen appliances. My main focus when shooting is on the creative aspect, on capturing the essence of a family’s interaction with each other. It’s about light, composition and the candid moments. It was wonderful spending a little bit of time with this fun family!


Kesendra & Selina Wedding – Collisheen Estate

20 November 2015

Luckily Kesendra and Selina were a dream to work with, because their wedding was the last in a series of about 18 in a row that I had shot without a weekend off. I was starting to feel really burned out and dangerously close to throwing all my camera equipment in the bin to rather go search for greener pastures. It was the day after Clint & Gaynor’s wedding and I dragged myself down to Collisheen, thinking “Oh it’s just another wedding” but when I arrived there was an excitement in the air that was totally infectious. Selina was relaxed as a bride could possibly be, everything was ready for me due to Amanda from Collisheen’s excellent planning, and once Kesendra joined Selina there was so much laughter and their natural interaction with each other was so fun and happy. It turned my whole mood around and I suddenly remembered all the reasons why I do wedding photography in the first place.

Congratulations to Kesendra and Selina, your wedding was wonderful. Thanks for choosing me to document your big day!


Baby Beth Newborn Shoot

18 November 2015

I’ve never really claimed to be much of a newborn photographer, when I get an enquiry to do a newborn shoot I would normally pass it on to someone who specialises in newborn photography. I’m not the sort of photographer who looks at other photographers work, so I resorted to doing a google search for another photographer who has a very good newborn portfolio. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one so I decided that I’d have to do it myself, I’ve done it a few times before so I wasn’t too worried when Romano and Pamela asked me to do the shoot for them. I tried to keep my familiar natural style and apply it to a new subject, which was a bit out of my comfort zone but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I shot their wedding at the Windmills too a year or two ago as well so it was a real pleasure to see them again.

This tiny little human was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, with a perfect little dimple in her chin. Congrats to Romano and Pamela on the newest addition to your family.


Kruger National Park – August 2015

11 November 2015

About once a year or so I try find the time to get away and take some photos that don’t contain people with white dresses, this time it was up to the Kruger National Park where we spent a week. We stayed at Lower Sabie Rest Camp which is right on the Sabie River. We had heards of elephants regularly walk right past us, with one coming right up to the fence, close enough to almost touch. There’s just nothing quite like being with your closest love, out doing photography during the day and enjoying braai’s every night. There was plenty of Amarula Cream too! We met people from all over the world who all had interesting stories to tell.

From a photography perspective it was a little more diverse than last time, there’s only so many pictures you can take of kudu’s before you want to go find lesser popular subjects such as a honey badger or the hundreds of species of birds. We did plenty of drives with the sole purpose of finding cheetah which unfortunately proved fruitless. Some of the other sightings were far away but I didn’t really mind, I included them below anyway.