Jared & Paige Engagement – Summerveld

23 March 2017

It was a pleasure doing Jared and Paige’s engagement shoot, they’re a really fun couple who were full of smiles and laughs. They like to play around and gently tease each other but you can see that under all that there is a deep love and commitment to each other. We did their engagement shoot out at Summerveld on a late afternoon, we had to time it for when Paige is back in South Africa because she works for Emirates Airlines which means she spends a lot of time abroad. Coincidentally I shot an engagement shoot and wedding a few years ago for another bride who also works as an air hostess for Emirates.

I’m looking forward to the wedding, it’s going to be at one of my favourite venues called Providence in the KZN Midlands.


KGB Holdings Warehouse Shoot

22 March 2017

I was on my way to another shoot when I got a call from one of my old clients, he told me one of their warehouses was empty and they needed professional photos to advertise it to potential tenants. The brief was quite simple, to show off the space and scale of the warehouse and offices. I did all the interior photos first and then finished off with the exteriors, in the hope that the sun had gone down a bit and the light wasn’t quite as bright. Sometimes it’s nice to do a shoot that doesn’t involve people, but after a while it got a bit lonely and I felt myself wanting to place people in the spaces to give it a bit of a human element.


Terence & Melissa Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

22 March 2017

Melissa and Terence were such a fun-loving couple to shoot, full of smiles and laughs. It always makes my job much easier to capture natural moments when I don’t need to prompt them and crack silly jokes to get reactions. I asked them to please be on time for their photo shoot in order to catch the sunrise, and I was so pleased when they actually arrives 5 minutes early. We did photos along the beach, on the pier and the walkway and then took a little spin over to the lagoon where they arrived with a change in outfits. What a great morning!


Action Coach Staff Shoot

21 March 2017

I often get called into businesses to take professional photos of the staff, premises and machinery. The photos get used on websites, in annual reports, brochures and other marketing material. Action Coach is one such company. I like to capture the staff in their work environment, it gives the photos an honest and real element that you wouldn’t normally get against a plain backdrop. Darryn and his team had the greatest smiles and a lot of laughs!


Van Staden Family – Umhlanga Beach

16 March 2017

I met the Van Staden family on the Umhlanga beach, they were on holiday from JHB. We did a lovely photo shoot with the grandparents and children, some of the individuals and some different combinations. Towards the end we decided to walk a little way further down the beach for the family to play around in the surf. As I was shooting away a big wave came and knocked the children right off their feet, there was a moment of panic while the children were whisked out of the water. That signalled the end of the shoot. I hope the drive home wasn’t too bad!


Darrell & Jess Engagement – Thompson’s Bay

06 March 2017

Bicycles are popular items when it comes to wedding décor, I often see them leaning against a tree or at the the reception entrance, they usually have baskets of flowers or chalk boards attached. Sometimes couples bring them to engagement shoots to have some fun with. Darrell & Jess however had a very good reason to incorporate a bicycle in their shoot, they are both cyclists and Darrell owns a bike shop named Bring It On Cycles in Kloof, KZN.

We decided on the beautiful Thompson’s Bay beach to do their engagement shoot, we sped down there early to catch the morning sunrise. We had a lot of fun and went to breakfast straight afterwards. What a great way to begin the day. I’m looking forward to their wedding in May.


Shaun & Rachel Wedding – Umtamvuna River Lodge

21 February 2017

When a couple comes home from the rainy UK to get married in sunny South Africa, the last thing they want is rain on their wedding day. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened, but Shaun and Rachel didn’t let it bother them at all. They had a wonderful wedding despite the odds, we did a good long photo shoot and they danced the night away with their friends from SA and the UK. It was definately one of the more spirited parties I can remember from recent weddings.

Umtamvuna River Lodge is one of the venues I enjoy shooting at a lot, there is plenty of spots for photos if you look hard enough. Congratulations Shaun and Rachel!


Stanton & Zenilla Wedding – Coastlands Hotel Umhlanga

14 February 2017

Stanton and Zenilla had two wedding ceremonies and two photo shoots, the first was a Catholic ceremony and the second was a traditional Hindu ceremony which was held at Coastlands Hotel in Umhlanga.

I normally do outdoor photo shoots at sunset, but with the way the day was planned out it wasn’t possible so we did a lot of indoor and night shots at the hotel. I was taken completely out of my comfort zone but I believe they turned out great. Congratulations Stanton & Zenilla!


Chilli Source Design Staff Shoot

09 February 2017

I was called in to a company called Chilli Source to do their corporate staff photos. Being a design and advertising company, it was important to push the creativity. Luckily their office block provided ample opportunity to shoot. We used indoor stairs, couches and walls to compliment the compositions. We also did a lot of studio-type shots so that they can photoshop different backgrounds and get more creative with doodles and collages.

It was a fun morning, thanks for picking me Odelle, thanks to Ruth for all the assistance and thanks to Trent for keeping me hydrated with a fanta while I was shooting!


Mokaedi Family – Umhlanga Lagoon

07 February 2017

We originally planned to do the Mokaedi family shoot on the beach by the lighthouse, but it was just too windy and crowded. I suggested we head over to the lagoon by the Breakers Hotel instead, we did photos along the pathways, over the bridges and in between the bushes. Lindie is pregnant with their second child plus they were on holiday so it gave them double the reason to have a family photo shoot. This was a really kind and wonderful family!