Lucky & Nonku Wedding – Collisheen Estate

13 October 2014

It was a very windy day in Ballito at Collisheen Estate, we had our work cut out for us to try take advantage of the opportunities the wind creates without looking windswept in the photos. Nonku was already in her wedding dress when she arrived, so I had to shoot the jewellery and other details when she was already wearing it, which to my surprise actually turned out quite nicely. We had lovely afternoon light and a bridal party that was full of fun. This was an upmarket wedding for a humble but discerning couple who hail from Johannesburg.

Please click here if you would like to see their engagement shoot which we did in Umhlanga. Thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer Lucky & Nonku, and congratulations!


Deena & Janine Wedding – Collisheen Orchid House

08 October 2014

I’m not entirely sure where to start with Deena and Janine’s wedding. This was a wedding that not only brought together different cultures, but it brought together people from all over the world too. Janine is originally from Germany, but she’s been living in the UK for a number of years where she met Deena who is originally from South Africa. This was their second wedding, the other one happened recently in Germany. This wedding was actually comprised of two weddings because they had a Christian ceremony followed by a Hindu ceremony. One can imagine that I had my work cut out for me for the day. After two ceremonies in one afternoon there unfortunately wasn’t much time left for a creative shoot, but that didn’t stop us from stealing 10 minutes of photos as it was getting dark. Thank heavens for prime lenses.

During the week leading up to their wedding I picked up an injury, so I was hobbling around all day on a swollen foot, and to make matters even worse I was on some seriously potent painkillers and antibiotics which put me in a complete daze. I still somehow managed to pull it off and believe I got some great shots. It was a real privilege to be part of this multi cultural celebration, congratulations Deena & Janine!


Westley & Andrea Wedding – Zimbali

28 September 2014

When Andrea first contacted me she said the venue was going to be Camp Orchards, but they ended up getting married at home at Zimbali where she grew up. Andrea made sure there were enough flowers to sink a ship and it looked incredible, she also had chandeliers and fairy lights hanging off the trees which gave it an ambiance I’d never seen before at Zimbali. I was at the salon getting a few hair and makeup shots when in walked the 1958 Miss World Penny Coelen, it turns out Andrea’s hair stylist used to be her stylist too in the glory days and they even wrote a book together too.

Westley and Andrea’s wedding reception was a party of note, it was difficult to eventually leave because the party was rocking so hard. DJ for the evening was Jarred Sunkel. Congratulations Westley and Andrea, your guys wedding was stunning. Thanks for picking me!


Charnel & Laura Wedding – Thanda Private Game Reserve

22 September 2014

I’ve shot a wedding for two gents before, a couple of years ago up at Lastingham in the KZN Midlands, but this was the first time I’ve done one for two ladies. Charnel is originally from South Africa and Laura is American, they live in the UK and decided on a South African game reserve wedding. Their families and friends flew out from all over the world to be there, and I heard many of them commenting on how beautiful South Africa is and that they would definately return for a longer holiday as soon as possible. It was a day full of so much emotion and love that it was difficult not to get caught up in it all, I had to remind myself to concentrate on capturing all the moments. The speeches were hilarious and heartfelt at the same time.

It was a perfect day and one I’m sure everyone who was there will remember it forever, here’s to you Charnel and Laura!


Gareth & Roxy Engagement – Summerveld

08 September 2014

Gareth & Roxanne wanted something outdoor for their engagement shoot, and since they both love horses they wanted a bit of an equestrian theme mixed in too. On arrival Roxanne said “We’ve got plenty of outfits”, I said “Great, we’ll use them all” and I think we just about did. They also produced a guitar and cowboy hats too, so we had plenty of fun. Gareth is a photographer himself amongst other things, so it’s always a big honour to be chosen amongst the thousands of Durban wedding photographers.

The sunset was coming and going as we were shooting, which made it a bit tricky to maintain a perfectly consistent exposure. Gareth & Roxanne were a joy to work with and were game for anything, including lying on their backs in the leaves, walking through long grass and most importantly when I announced that we needed to hurry to catch the light over the hill, they understood completely and we sped around the corner to catch it. Looking forward to the wedding in November!


Hollis & Nikoshia Wedding – Collisheen Estate

07 September 2014

I had been looking forward to Hollis & Nikoshia’s wedding, not only because it’s the first Hindu wedding I’ve done at Collisheen but this couple were also really keen for great photos. The first thing that I noticed that was different was the reception hall called The Boma, I had never seen it decked out in Eastern décor before. The ceremony was held outdoor on the garden outside the chapel which was also different to the norm. I put together a guest book from their engagement shoot which came out really nicely, it was quite fulfilling watching their guests page through it and admiring the photos. As the photographer I never get to see the smiles as the couples and families are looking at the wedding albums I produce every week. I guess this will probably be the closest I’ll come to it.

Instead of doing the photo shoot on the Collisheen grounds like I normally do, I did a little search beforehand and discovered a forest just around the corner from the wedding venue. We headed off just before sunset and arrived just in time to catch the light. Dave and Terrance from Brand New Day Imaging were the videographers, it’s always a pleasure working with them. Congratulations Hollis & Nikoshia!


Gary & Lee-Anne Wedding – Cathedral Peak Hotel

02 September 2014

I consider it a privilege to be able to do photography for a living, and it’s an even greater privilege to share in one of the biggest days in so many couples’ lives every weekend. Never before though, have I felt as privileged as I did when shooting Gary & Lee-Anne’s wedding. These are two of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, who have only had eyes for each other for their entire adult lives. Finally it was time to make it official and they did it at one of the most stunning venues that the Drakensburg has to offer.

I’ve never witnessed so much love and support for a couple by their closest friends and family. Lee-Anne works at Fulton School for the deaf which means a lot of the wedding was accompanied by a sign language interpreter. Gary is a graphic designer, which is what I used to do back in my corporate days. They didn’t ask any of their guests for gifts, but instead asked for all of them to rather spend the weekend with them in the Drakensburg celebrating their vows. It was a real honour to be part of this wedding, congratulations Gary & Lee-Anne!


André & Brigitte Wedding – Old Halliwell

18 August 2014

I’ve been looking forward to getting André & Brigitte’s wedding photos edited, their engagement shoot was featured on the Wedding Friends blog a few months ago and turned out to be a real hit. It was a good example of what can be achieved with some planning and a concept.

I arrived early to find that the boys had decided to do a bit of clay pigeon shooting, so I took a walk down the rolling garden and grabbed some shots. From there I went and got some pics of the reception decor, which was lovely and elegant. Brigitte’s preparation was the typical hustle and bustle of a brides wedding morning. After a dose of Rescue she was ready to walk down the aisle and get married to her man. After releasing helium balloons they released homing pigeons, then cut the cake and we headed off to do some sunset photos. By the end of the evening the dancefloor was rocking so hard that I ended up staying right up until the couple departed. It was also great working with Karen from Videoccasions again. I wish you all the best guys, it was a real honour to capture your day. Hope you like the pics!


Siddhartha & Vishantha Wedding – Durban Country Club

09 August 2014

When I got back from Donna & Ricky’s wedding I had to charge all my batteries, back up all their photos and try get some sleep because the very next day was Siddhartha & Vishantha’s wedding at the Durban Country Club. There’s always a vibrance about traditional Hindu weddings. I love all the bright colours, the smells, the traditions and not to mention the food. Of course it also helps that the couple are two successful attorney’s who live in Johannesburg. Vishantha also spent time in India where she learned how to dance and she delighted her new husband and wedding guests with a wonderful artistic display.

The ceremony started a little later than planned, which means we had a short time to chase a bit of light. We walked around the golf course and when I spotted something I just said, “Hey guys, let’s do some shots here” which turned into them standing literally inside a bush at one stage, I hope it was all worth it. Congratulations Siddhartha & Vishantha!


Ricky & Donna Wedding – Renishaw Chapel

04 August 2014

I remember becoming an uncle for the first time when I was a young teen. It was huge. The phone call came through, then the family piled in to the car and headed off to the hospital where my older sister Julia had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Donna. I remember looking at this tiny baby through the glass thinking “That’s my niece!” A few years later I remember carrying her on my shoulders while hiking during a family holiday in the Drakensburg. Then it was school, then her 21st, then in June this year I had the honour and privilege of shooting her wedding.

It’s very different shooting a family wedding, the major one being that I obviously knew almost everyone’s names (besides some of Ricky’s family) and I knew who needed to be photographed with who and it made life easy for me. I also got to sit down for a bit during the reception, and at one stage I was actually ordered to put the camera down and go dance! It was a also a little difficult getting through the editing process without shedding a tear at the more emotional shots. Congratulations Donna & Ricky!