Steven and Michelle had a wonderful wedding up in the Drakensburg at Cathedral Peak Hotel. It was a day filled with love and laughter as the two families came together to celebrate the joining of these two wonderful people. They had a travel theme to their wedding, which was evident in all the decor. Steven and Michelle live in Johannesburg, but they travel all over the world to make sure that life doesn’t escape them. Michelle opted to go for a shiny silver dress instead of the traditional white, how different and wonderful. Their wedding concluded with a photo booth and a party of note.

Congratulations Steven and Michelle, it was an honour being part of your big day!


I spent a wonderful afternoon up in the fresh air of Dalton, KZN with Marcell and Monique. We drove around Marcell’s family farm doing their engagement pics, nothing was planned in advance and we just jumped out the car and shot wherever we noticed an appealing location. A few wardrobe changes happened along the way too. We were all a bit concerned that we weren’t going to have any form of sunset, but just as we were wrapping up the clouds parted and we managed to sneak in a few lovely golden sunset shots before it disappeared behind the clouds again.

Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon guys, I’m looking forward to your wedding!


Jaimi & Raquel didn’t hold back on anything for their wonderful wedding. Raquel wanted to get ready at a spa on a game farm and be driven in a stretch limousine to her wedding, so iNsingizi Lodge was her preparation venue where she and her bridesmaids had spent the last few days. If you’ve been to iNsingizi, you’ll know that it’s quite a twisty and hilly road so the driver of the limousine was skeptical if he could make it. He did, and Raquel got all of her wishes for the day that she married the man of her dreams. Raquel was a bridesmaid at Roscoe & Ema’s wedding which I shot in March last year, and Jaimi’s best man Clint is getting married to Kelly who’s wedding I’m looking forward to shooting in March next year.

I must say a huge thank you to Teagan Cunniffe, who at very short notice came to second shoot with me at this wedding. Jaimi’s preparation and the reception décor was all shot by her while I was at iNsingizi with Raquel. Chantell at Delyse Wade Co-ordinators was the wedding planner, and the videographer was Tim from Hellmot Productions.

Congratulations Jaimi & Raquel, your wedding was wonderful!


The original plan for Dylan & Candice’s post wedding shoot was to meet at Umdloti Beach and do the shoot there. The morning was sunny and I was confident that the shoot was going to go off without a hitch, then when I left home it started clouding over. By the time I got to Umdloti 15 minutes early it had started drizzling, the wind was so strong that when it was blowing the beach sand against my skin it was actually stinging. I thought that there’s just no way we can shoot in conditions like that. So I called Dylan and we arranged to rather meet at The Oyster Box and ask permission to do the shoot around the hotel, finishing off in the pool. Then I had another idea, I really like the Umhlanga nature reserve and lagoon area but I’ve never been able to utilise it properly on a shoot. We met at The Oyster Box anyway and I told them to follow me.

It was a long walk to get to the beach but we broke it up by shooting at various spots along the way. Candice volunteered to climb a tree, which ended up with all three of us climbing trees somewhere along the line. It was a great shoot, definitely a memorable one. If you’d like to see Dylan and Candice’s engagement shoot you can click here, or if you’d like to see their wedding you can click here.


If you follow my blog you’ll recognise Dylan and Candice from their engagement shoot which I did with them earlier this year. The wedding day finally arrived for them and everything was planned well in advance, which means everything ran smoothly. The only thing no-one can control is the weather. The morning was raining on and off, so the venue erected a tent on the beach just in case. Fortunately it was clear for the ceremony and photo shoot, although a bit cold.

Dylan and Candice come from JHB, Dylan is in IT and Candice is a reflexologist. With their friends and families on board the reception was always going to be one of the wildest I’ve been part of this year so far. As for the photo shoot, it was overcast which is great for some kinds of photos, but can start looking flat after a while so I used a bit of extra lighting here and there.

It was a great day and I’m looking forward to their post wedding shoot which we’re doing this weekend. Congratulations guys!


Jongamazizi and Nthabiseng got married at the new venue in the KZN Midlands called The Zunguness. It’s opulent and upmarket, and full of wonderful architecture and surroundings which provided us with lot’s of photo opportunities. The chapel is big enough to house a wedding ceremony with hundreds of guests, and the reception hall boasts lovely warm fireplaces, an open verandah area for canopés and a separate area for the buffet. All set on wonderfully landscaped gardens.

Jongamazizi was the master of ceremonies at Zamani & Nkule’s wedding which I shot at Collisheen earlier this year. Everything happened at the venue so there was hardly any logistics or rushing around to get to the next location on time. If you’re reading this and planning your upcoming wedding, a word of advice is to keep everything as close together as possible. If there’s enough accommodation then both bride and groom should get ready at the venue. It cuts out a lot of extra stress, planning, logistics and room for error, and it’s just simpler and better for everyone. It will also save you money because your suppliers have to charge for travelling. Jongamazizi and Nthabiseng’s wedding was a prime example of how a wedding should be planned.

Congratulations guys, it was wonderful sharing your big day with you!


David and Trish came out from the UK to get married at my second home, the Windmills in Nottingham Road. It was a cold and misty day, but they didn’t let that get them down at all. They had friends who had also flown out from the UK who were looking forward to the sunny South African weather, unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

The day was a lot of fun, and the couple were friendly, accommodating and really low maintenance. David and Trish really cared about good photos, because despite the cold they were relaxed and I managed to get some wonderful natural photos for them. They didn’t put a time limit on the creative shoot despite the weather, and I didn’t take advantage of that but it was nice to be able to breathe a bit and not have to rush too much. The album is going to be great.

It was a fantastic day, thanks David and Trish for making me feel so welcome. Congratulations!


Maemo and Mbali came down from Johannesburg to get married at The Windmills in Nottingham Road. I met with them only once before the day and for a very short time, they’re a great couple who decided that they weren’t going to hold back with their wedding. They had so many guests that they had to hire a marquee, and inside that marquee was wonderfully decorated tables and a wedding cake like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was festive from the moment I got there and I heard that it carried on until 3am the next morning, long after I left.

Thank you for choosing me to shoot your wedding guys, and congratulations!


Laura first contacted me about a year and a half before their wedding, I was hesitant to take a booking that far in advance because one just never knows what’s going to happen with printing prices, petrol costs and other overheads. Let’s just say that I’m glad I did. Neill is a Michaelhouse old boy, they both live in the UK and work in the army where they met some years ago.

There were about 40 guests who had come out from the UK to attend the wedding, they were all looking forward to sunny South African weather. Murphy’s law, the wedding day was drizzling on and off, and it was freezing cold. I started with the boys who got ready at the Nottingham Road Hotel, then moved on to Cranford Country Lodge where Laura and her bridesmaids got ready. From there we headed off to Michaelhouse for the ceremony and some creative photos, then back to Cranford for more creative photos and the reception. With all that driving around I was really worried that there were going to be delays on the wet roads, and we were lucky that we only had to take one detour between Michaelhouse and Cranford. If anything it gave Neill and Laura time to warm up and spend a quiet moment together. With Neill and Laura’s blessing, I took a few shots on an old vintage camera that I took along, it was great to fire off a few film shots instead of digital. I only managed a few shots before it jammed up but it was well worth the extra weight in my bag. The reception decor was outstanding, the Cranford food was amazing, the speeches were both heartfelt and hilarious, and my old buddies Rob and Garth Warren provided the entertainment for the evening.

Thank you Neill and Laura for picking me, I felt privileged to be part of your big day. You can be proud of a wonderful wedding!


The day started for me at Knotts Salon in Nottingham Road where Brigitte and her bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done. The boys got ready at Springholm which is just down the road from Providence, and the girls finished getting ready at Farside Farm which is also on the same road as Providence.

Some wedding dresses have lace that needs to be tied, others have a zip with a clip at the top. Brigitte’s zipped up fine, but it was too tight to clip. None of the bridesmaids could clip it, so I was asked to try clip it which didn’t happen either, then Brigitte’s dad had a go too. Eventually it was decided that it had to be sewed up at the top. All of this was going on while Ryan waited anxiously at the chapel for his bride. The general perception is that if the bride is late then it’s generally because of the damn photographer, but I promise it wasn’t me!

There was clearly some anticipation in the chapel because as I entered I saw about 100 sets of eyes turn round and look at me, expecting a beautiful bride in a lovely white wedding dress. Instead they got a man dressed in black carrying a bag and a big camera. Oops, sorry it’s just the photographer. The bride is still coming.

The rest of the day was an absolute breeze, and we even had a bit of a winter sunset during the creative shoot. Dave Atkinson and his lovely wife Gillian from Brand New Day Imaging were there to do the video.

Thank you so much for your hospitality Ryan & Brigitte, it was an honour capturing your big day.


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