Grant & Roxy Wedding – Zimbali

28 September 2015

Grant and Roxy are a full-of-fun couple who had a wonderful wedding at the ever beautiful Zimbali. Roxy is the niece of Lori who is married to John who is one of my life long friends, we were also in a band called Spoonfeedas together for over a decade. Lori wasn’t only a bridesmaid, but I later heard that she made the wedding cake too. Roxy looked stunning in her white princess dress with long vail, and her bridesmaids complimented her in their lovely pink dresses. The boys looked dashing in their suits and were good fun during the photo shoot.

The ceremony was held on the picturesque chapel deck at Zimbali Country Club, followed by the photo shoot on the beach and reception. During Roxy’s speech she told the story of how she sent Grant out on a cold and rainy day to gather branches out of a field to use for their table centrepieces, it looked like it was well worth it because the décor was magnificent. Congratulations Grant and Roxy, you guys were super awesome to work with!


Posthumus Family – Ballito Beach

18 September 2015

It’s always a lot of fun taking a drive up the North Coast to one of my favourite beach spots, this time it was to capture the Posthumus family. Maritza and her family were in the area on holiday and decided they’d like to have a photo shoot on the beach. They came prepared with balloons which they wanted to release into the air for a photo, it added some nice colour too. It was an incredibly windy day which sent everyone’s hair flying everywhere, but also added some great character to the photos. One would never believe that Maritza had given birth to the smallest Posthumus family member merely 7 weeks earlier.

It was wonderful spending a bit of time with this fun family!


Mlondi & Lindokuhle Wedding – Eden Lassie

17 September 2015

Eden Lassie has such beautiful surroundings, add some great afternoon light to that and a bridal couple and you can’t help but take some beautiful photos. I felt quite spoiled at this wedding because I was also working with a bride and groom who really appreciated good photography and didn’t mind walking in a bit of sand and grass to get them. Linda chose a wonderful olive colour for her bridesmaids to wear and a beautiful pink bouquet which really made the photos pop. Mlondi and his groomsmen looked like James Bond in their tuxedos and the children had some excited smiles on them.

Mlondi and Linda are quite reserved and shy, the deep and thoughtful type. They planned their wedding immaculately and it was an honour to be there to document it, here is a small selection of photos. Congratulations Mlondi and Lindokuhle!


Avi & Sheri Wedding – Coastlands Hotel Umhlanga

11 September 2015

I had been looking forward to shooting Avi and Sheri’s wedding since we did the engagement shoot, they were a great couple who were full of fun. Sheri had her pre-function and got ready at a stunning house on Forest Drive in Umhlanga overlooking the ocean, then she was chauffeured to Coastlands in a Rolls Royce. Avi arrived in a stylish Porsche. The schedule for the wedding day worked out that we had to do the creative photo shoot at midday, which if you ask any photographer is simply not possible. I’ve even turned away photo shoots before for people who want to do them at midday, you just can’t get great photos outdoor unless you’re shooting at sunrise or sunset. So I had no choice but to find indoor and shady areas in a hotel with limited locations, it’s challenges like that which keep me both humble and on my toes.

It was an absolute pleasure shooting for these two wonderful people, and I must say a huge thanks for being so patient for the photos. Congratulations Avi and Sheri!



Lwazi & Steph Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

07 September 2015

Last month I was out doing a photo shoot for Collisheen Estate, one of the wedding venues where I often shoot. The phone rang and a lady introduced herself as a representative of a sports management company, she said that one of the Sharks and Springbok rugby players is getting married and she wanted to know if I’m available for the date. So I checked my calendar quickly and told her that I am indeed available. She also sent a follow up email which I replied to and then I didn’t hear back from her, so I just wrote it off thinking that they’d decided on another photographer. Then a week later I was on my mountain bike in the middle of the Giba Gorge bush, I stopped to take a drink of water and a felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I reluctantly answered it and to my surprise it was the same lady, wanting to know if I could do Lwazi & Steph’s engagement shoot the following day. It was a tight one because the day after that we were going to be leaving on a photography trip to the Kruger Park for a week.

I’m so glad that we ended up doing this shoot. Lwazi and Steph were full of fun and smiles, we all got on really well and we got some great shots. I’m looking forward to the wedding next year!


Poole Family – Umhlanga Beach

03 September 2015

It’s always great meeting up with a family who are full of fun, it always results in great photos. The Poole family were on Holiday and staying at the Breakers Hotel, so we did their photo shoot at the Lagoon area that leads down to the beach. We did some closer up portraits amongst the greenery of the mangroves and then headed down to the beach to have some fun. Activities such as running around on the beach, splashing through the water and swinging each other around are exactly what holidays were made for.

It was wonderful spending some time with this family!


Jason & Jacqui Wedding – Calderwood Hall

01 September 2015

What do you get when you take two educated people who are madly in love, a stunning venue like Calderwood Hall, a dam with a boat and a golden sunset? The answer is the picture below which has to go down as one of my favourites ever. The boat had to be carried from the one side of the dam to the other which Jason and groomsmen did in their suits, now that’s some serious dedication.

It was an absolute honour to be part of Jason and Jacqui’s wedding day, and I have to take my hat off to them because they’ve been waiting patiently for their photos. The wedding day was absolutely perfect, and I always know it’s going to be a great ceremony when Jonathan Payne is the officiant. It was brilliant working with a couple who put a lot of value on their photos and were happy to structure their day to get the most out of their photography. I think I may actually be looking forward to seeing their final printed wedding album just as much as they are. We did their two part engagement shoot earlier this year which you can see here. Congratulations Jason & Jacqui!


Collisheen Staff & Venue

12 August 2015

One of the wedding venues that I shoot at very often is Collisheen in Ballito, I’ve built up a good working relationship with the wedding co-ordinators so when they needed some photos for their website I was honoured that they chose me to do them, considering they have different photographers there every weekend shooting weddings. They also needed a few photos of the rooms over at the smaller venue Orchid House which I was happy to oblige. Always a pleasure shooting at this stunning venue!


Marc & Vicky Wedding – The Gallery

06 August 2015

From the moment I met Marc and Vicky for coffee I knew that is was going to be a great wedding, they chose Far Side Farm as their venue which is on the same road as Providence in the KZN Midlands. Before the ceremony they did an exchange of letters which they’d written to each other before hand, it was a really special moment. I have no idea what Vicky whispered into Marc’s ear but his reaction was a deep breath and big smile. The look on Vicky’s dads face when he saw Vicky in her dress was priceless.

We had a wonderful sunset for the photoshoot, complete with the boat photo which I seem to have become known for recently. The reception was so much fun that I could have carried on shooting until midnight. Thanks so much for choosing me Marc & Vicky, you can be proud of a perfect day!


Byron & Danté Wedding – Cathedral Peak Hotel

28 July 2015

Byron and Danté chose one of the most picturesque venues in the Drakensburg for their wedding. I always love shooting at Cathedral Peak, the only thing is that I was dreading the two and a half hour drive there and the same drive home at the end of the night. I’ve been shooting there for years and the road has gotten progressively worse, but to my absolute elation I found that it has been re-tarred and the drive was smooth and comfortable, I arrived feeling fresh and ready to shoot.

Danté made sure that the day went exactly the way she planned it. The décor was handmade and wonderful, the weather was perfect and the celebration was as joyous as it can get. The bridal party was full of fun and we had a good time during their creative photo shoot. There were also a lot of emotional moments which are one of the things I often like to make sure I capture well. Thanks so much Danté and Byron for choosing me to shoot your spectacular wedding, it was a real honour!