Clint & Gaynor Wedding – Sica’s Guest House

06 November 2015

When I first met Clint and Gaynor they were quite keen to meet at the estate where I live, called Plantations in Hillcrest. During the meeting they expressed an interest in doing some photos along the main walkway of Plantations, I wondered how it would be possible logistically considering their wedding was going to be taking place in Durban. They said it didn’t matter and subsequently hired a limousine to drive them and their bridal party around. Now that’s my kind of couple, because it shows that their photos are important to them and they made sure their wedding day was absolutely perfect in every way. After the Plantations shoot we headed off to Summerveld to do some more bridal party photos, then back down to Durban. Gaynor’s make-up was done by one of Durban’s finest make-up artists Charelle Mcallister, the team from Beyond Measure Productions did the video.

Congratulations Clint & Gaynor, it was an honour being part of your big day, hope you like the pics!


Darren & Lucy Wedding – Zimbali

02 November 2015

One of my favourite weddings of the year so far is Darren & Lucy’s at the stunning Zimbali Lodge, everything was just perfect. The bride and groom were both easy going and a pleasure to work with, their adorable children were smiling all day, we had a beautiful golden sunset for the photo shoot, and to top it all off we were at one of the most picturesque venues in KZN. I almost felt like I had been too spoiled at this wedding, all I had to do was aim my camera properly.

Darren and Lucy came out from the UK for this vow renewal, Darren is originally from Durban and Lucy is British. They have three beautiful daughters together who were all a big part of the wedding. On arrival at the reception there were zulu dancers who jumped around and beat their drums much to the delight of the UK visitors. Steven Heyns from the Wedding DJ was on hand to spin the tunes till the early hours. Congratulations Darren and Lucy, it was a pleasure being part of your big day!


Darren & Lucy Engagement – Umdloti Beach

26 October 2015

When Darren and Lucy first contacted me about doing an engagement shoot I thought it would be another one like all the others, they also said they were wanting to incorporate some fitness photos to be used for their business interests. I told them that I hadn’t done a fitness shoot before but I’d give it a bash, and for the first time ever it was the couple who were guiding me on the different poses they were doing instead of me being the director. There was also an element of a family shoot in this one too, because they have three daughters. So we all headed down to Umdloti beach early one morning and shot away. One would never believe that Lucy had given birth merely a few months before doing this shoot, these two are some of the fittest looking people I’ve ever met. One would also expect people who look like this to be very inwardly focussed, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are also modest, kind, relaxed and engaging.

It was an absolute pleasure shooting for these two and their family, their wedding at Zimbali which I shot a few days later will be next up.


Grant & Robyn Wedding – Coastlands Hotel Umhlanga

26 October 2015

Grant and Robyn came out from Perth, Australia to get married in Robyn’s home town of Umhlanga. I only met them on the wedding day so despite not being able to plan anything in advance, the day still went smoothly. We did the photo shoot at the Umhlanga lighthouse at the request of the bridal party, so between the travelling and the freezing cold weather we only ended up with a few minutes to shoot. Luckily the bridal party were all great in front of the camera and Robin was smiling continuously which made my life a lot easier.

The reception décor was classic and elegant, the hall looked so stunning that I ended up clearing everyone out just so I could capture it all without guests and waitresses in the background of the photos. Congratulations to Grant and Robyn, hope you’re enjoying Bali!


Lyle Family – Umhlanga Beach

23 October 2015

Melissa and her family are from Canada, and came out to South Africa to adopt the newest addition to their family. A little boy named Jackson. She mailed me saying they were staying in Umhlanga and wanted a photo shoot to commemorate this landmark in their lives. The only problem was that I was already booked on the only day they had available before they flew back home, I told her the only time I’ll have to do the shoot will be at dawn. She had no problem getting her entire family up and on to the beach at 6am for the photo shoot, and then after all that the sunrise was a no-show. We shot away anyway and the next day Melissa and her family were on a plane back to Canada.

I wish you all the best with this new adventure Melissa, you have a very special family!


Human Family – Summerveld

16 October 2015

Erin came out from overseas for a holiday and decided she wanted to do a family photo shoot while she was here, I suggested we take a spin up to Summerveld near Hillcrest. There’s some lovely wide open spaces and trees which is just perfect for photos, and to top it off we had some wonderful light. The two boys reminded me a lot of my brother and I when we were kids, and the two sisters reminded me of my own sisters, so all in all it was a great shoot.

It was a pleasure spending some time with this wonderful family!


Michael & Janine Wedding – Lythwood Lodge

14 October 2015

I had been looking forward to shooting at Lythwood Lodge again, I shot a wedding there about 5 years ago and for some reason hadn’t been back since. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is still as leafy and colourful as I remember. The wedding co-ordinator Lisé is brilliantly efficient, so definitely check it out if you’re looking for a stunning KZN midlands venue.

I only met Michael and Janine for the first time on the day of the wedding, so we weren’t really able to chat much about exactly what they expected from me as their wedding photographer. So my plan was to simply do what I do the way I do it, to take all the usual expected photos along with the natural and candid moments in between. The ceremony was concluded with a heartfelt prayer, the sun went down behind the mountain and the reception ended with some brilliantly fun dancing. Congratulations Michael and Janine!


Coetzee Family – Thompsons Bay Beach

13 October 2015

In November 2012 I shot Danie & Natascha’s wedding at the Boathouse, it was a wonderful day and I remember thinking at the time that they were good fun and had some great friends. So it was a pleasant surprise when Natascha sent me an email saying that the same group of friends were on holiday down the KZN north cost and wanted to do a photo shoot. I suggested the Thompsons Bay tidal pool and beach because it was close to where they were staying and it’s a good location to do photos. We started with some close-up portraits and then headed down to the beach for a splash about in the sea.

It was great to see you guys again Danie and Natascha, hope you all like the photos!


Adam & Danielle Wedding – Gwahumbe Game Reserve

12 October 2015

It’s always a treat to get away to a game reserve for a day and shoot a wedding, considering I’m a bit of a wildlife photographer too. Adam is from the UK, Danielle is South African. These two are adventurers who like to travel around Africa in their beloved Land Rover, so it only seems fitting that they would choose a game reserve as a wedding venue. Danielle chose a pastel blue / grey colour for her bridesmaids dresses, and the décor was full of colour with splashes of purple and orange. It was an intimate wedding with just the couple’s nearest and dearest, who surrounded them with sparklers during the first dance.

Gwahumbe Reserve is a great venue if you’d like something a bit off the beaten track, it has a wonderful spa, restaurant and pub. The accommodation is great and the views are magnificent from the infinity pool. It was a memorable wedding, congratulations Adam and Danielle. Thanks for choosing me to document your big day!


Peter & Claire Wedding – Old Halliwell

05 October 2015

Peter and Claire are a wonderful couple who had a beautiful wedding at Old Halliwell in the KZN Midlands. The ceremony was held in the garden overlooking the magnificent view, it was conducted by Beulah who is always great to work with. When Claire told me that they were having an outdoor ceremony at midday I was instantly concerned about the harsh midday sun causing a lot of shadows in the photos, as well as the heat which could make everyone look sweaty. Luckily it all turned out completely fine, there was just enough winter coolness left over to make it all ok.

The newest trend is to have soft pastel colours throughout the wedding, so when I saw all the bright oranges and reds I was automatically thrilled. It brought a lot of colour and saturation to the photos. Congratulations Peter and Claire!