Hello and Welcome To My Blog

I'm a professional photographer based in Durban. I've been shooting weddings since 2010, generally in KZN but sometimes in other parts of the country too. On weekdays I do commercial photo shoots and build websites for companies in and around Durban as well as family shoots.

I also have a creative agency with my fiancé Ruth. We do advertising and design. You can visit us at colinandruth.com.


Sean & Lindie Wedding – The Secret Garden

29 January 2016

There’s always something special about a young couple who are madly in love tying the knot, especially when the wedding is upbeat and fun. Lindie has a lot of very expressive mannerisms which provided me with a lot of great photos throughout the day. The wedding was a mixture of Afrikaans and English so I…


Matthew & Bridgette Wedding – Calderwood Hall

20 January 2016

Matthew and Bridgette had a wonderful wedding at the stunning Calderwood Hall in the KZN Midlands. It’s always a treat shooting there, regardless of the weather, which was a little cold on the day of the wedding. Luckily the landscapers had planted some beautiful flowers in the front garden which I took full advantage of…


Jono & Robyn Wedding – Munster Beach

11 January 2016

There’s nothing like going on holiday, finding a beautiful beach spot and deciding to one day get married there, which is exactly what Jono and Robyn did. They also found a guest house close by and put up a tent on the tennis court for their reception. It was a perfect day on Munster Beach…


Michail & Annika Wedding – Providence

05 January 2016

It was a rainy day up at Providence in the KZN Midlands, I arrived at the family farm to shoot the preparations but couldn’t make it across some of the roads because of all the mud. As a result I never got to shoot Michail’s preparations, he wasn’t all that fussed. Luckily Annika was on…


Webber Family – Summerveld

23 December 2015

It’s always a special time when a family comes together from all over the world for the holidays. This is Bridget with her brothers and their families, one brother lives in JHB and the other in Australia. This was originally meant to be a beach photo shoot but with the gale force winds on the…


Mithesh & Sharlene Engagement – Umhlanga Beach

07 December 2015

I met Mithesh & Sharlene at the crack of dawn on the Umhlanga beach, it was just a few days before the wedding so they were very excited. We had a magical warm sunrise with a dramatic sky and a perfectly quiet beach besides a few fisherman. Some couples can be really shy in front of…


Grant & Kelly Wedding – Talloula

04 December 2015

It was an absolute honour to shoot for Grant and Kelly, one of the reasons is because this is the fourth or fifth wedding I’ve shot for this group of friends and family. It’s so great to be shooting and to see so many familiar faces. I must say a huge thank you to Grant and…


Fiorito Family – Umhlanga Beach

01 December 2015

The Fiorito family came out from Canada to adopt a new son to their family, they had been going through a lot of admin to get everything sorted out and were very relieved and excited to be here in South Africa. They marked the occasion with a family photo shoot. The main Umhlanga beach was…


Msimang Family – Umhlanga Beach

24 November 2015

The Msimang family came on holiday to KZN and decided they wanted a photo shoot on the beach, it was their youngest daughters birthday and as a present she got to stay at the Oyster Box. They had matching colour outfits and props but most importantly they brought their smiles. I had a conversation with…