BP Dealer Conference – Elangeni Hotel

25 May 2017

The Elangeni Hotel has become a regular venue for me to shoot corporate events, this time it was for BP. The day started with delegates arriving from all over KZN to be greeted with hot coffee, then they listened to formalities, asked questions and some of them received some prizes. A lot of them seemed…

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Bless a Granny – John Dunn House

05 December 2016

Last week I joined the teams from Dezzo Roofing and Chilli Source Design for a Christmas give-away at John Dunn House old age home. It started off with handing out some food and treats, followed by a modelling show by Mrs India SA and some dancing, then the goodie bags containing perfumes, lipsticks, chocolate, dresses and other…

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Nedo Signing Ceremony – Zimbali and Durban

18 November 2016

Every now and then I do a bit of photojournalism work. I was commissioned by Hitachi to shoot a ceremony in which a Memorandum of Agreement would be signed between Japanese representatives and the mayor of Ethekwini. I’m not an engineer so I’m not entirely sure of the details but it has something to do…

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Aberdare Cables Event – Elangeni Hotel

12 September 2016

A corporate birthday party for Aberdare Cables who have international business concerns, complete with a cake cutting. There were speeches by a lot of the leaders of the company, and an MC who was hilarious. They hired the excellent group The Muses to perform who were excellent, they incorporated the theme tune to Game of Thrones into…

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Lord Taverners Corporate Event – Elangeni Hotel

19 August 2016

I shot an event for Lord Taverners at the Elangeni Hotel, there were some local sportsmen there including Shaun Pollock and Francois Steyn, as well as other names such as Simon Doull and David O’Sullivan. The aim was to raffle off sporting memorabilia for charity, particularly sporting development for children which is a great cause.…

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AstraZeneca Corporate Event – Elangeni Hotel

16 March 2016

The AstraZeneca corporate event was held at the Elangeni Hotel over 3 days. Medical professionals came from all over the world to the conference which subject was Asthma, they covered everything from the entire history of asthma and the previous cures through to the modern approaches to curing it. It was very dark inside the main hall…

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POPCRU Corporate Event – Durban ICC

19 June 2015

POPCRU is the SA police union. I had mixed emotions shooting this event. On one hand it was an honour to be chosen to shoot an event of this magnitude, the sheer scale and enormity of it was mind blowing. On the other hand, it felt like I had been transformed back in to the…

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Pam Golding Conference – Wild Coast Sun

25 May 2015

Earlier this month I spent 3 days down at the Wild Coast Sun shooting the annual Pam Golding conference. I arrived on my birthday with my camera in hand and didn’t really stop shooting until I left, it was full of fun and the delegates all seemed to have an incredible few days. There was…

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Pam Golding Gold Club Awards – Cargo Hold Ushaka

15 April 2015

Whichever kind of function that I shoot, whether it’s a wedding, corporate function or anything else I always find that it’s the guests who are in their forties and fifties who seem to have the most fun. Maybe it’s because they don’t mind letting loose a bit more than their younger counterparts, maybe it’s because…

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Alexander Forbes Conference – Durban ICC

17 March 2015

I was fortunate enough to shoot an event for Alexander Forbes, it was a lot of information about retirement which has been on my mind recently. Sometimes speakers at corporate events talk about very complicated and highly specialised information, which requires you to be qualified and working in the field to know what they’re talking about.…

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