Commercial Videos

Bradshaw Leroux Videos

At the same time that I did the staff headshots, I also shot the below footage for the introduction videos. Lesa was a natural in front of the camera, she spoke confidently and directly. It’s always such a pleasure working with clients that are on the ball!


Labora Shoes Videos

I was asked by a company called Labora Shoes to put together two videos for an event they were hosting. One of the videos was about the founder of the company and the book that he had written about his life and rise to success, the other was about the foundation that he founded. I interviewed some of the recipients of the foundation and shot some scenes inside the factory to use as cutaways. This is a wonderful family who do a lot for the community by giving them work and changing their lives.


The Unlimited Child Video

The Unlimited Child is a non-profit organisation which is part of The Unlimited, their focus is on early childhood development. They provide educational toys to rural creche’s all over KZN, with a number of them being in the Inanda, 1000 Hills and Embo townships.

This video was used on the front page of their website. I went right into the township with all my equipment to do the filming, there was a lot of planning involved and extra people on board for this one. The message had to be perfect as well as the visuals and footage.

The Unlimited Origin Video

This was a video that I made for The Unlimited, to introduce the rest of the company to the marketing services department. The video was played at communication sessions to sales teams around the country. I asked the staff to bring some props from home that indicates what their interests are, then I shot all the photos and edited it. This was a really fun project to work on!

The Unlimited Rally Highlights Video

The Unlimited Rally is done to motivate the sales agents and recognise their achievements, the bosses arrive in sports cars and limousines in order to work the agents up into a frenzy. I put this video together as a highlights clip, it was showed at various communication sessions throughout the year to motivate the agents to achieve their goals.

Global Direct Motivational Video

This is a motivational video for the Global Direct sales agents. The script was provided by a copywriter, and I was given a tight brief as to what to include in the video. It was put together in one day to meet the tight deadline.

Global Direct Rally Teaser Video

Global Direct are a direct marketing company that hold a rally every year that their sales agents work towards, they have goals they have to achieve and then they get promoted through the ranks. This is a quick teaser clip that I made for them that they showed to the agents during one of their communication sessions.

RJ’s Restaurant Mobile Video

I did a 20 second clip for RJ’s restaurant for people to download to their cellphones via bluetooth, this was when bluetooth and cell phone marketing was just starting to take off. I created the video entirely in Adobe Flash, and prepared it for cell phone display.

Spoonfeedas Music Video

I used to be in a band called Spoonfeedas, I was the bass player. We did a Sunday afternoon concert at the Durban Botanic Gardens, after the show an anonymous cameraman came up to us and said he’d filmed the whole show. He gave us the DV tape and walked away. To this day I still have no idea who he was. In the coming week I set about editing a music video for our latest song called Go Baby Roll.

Lexus Mobile Video

Lexus Umhlanga approached me to put together a video clip. The final output was for cell phone display which presents a whole lot of challenges with file format and size, it also needed to load quickly via bluetooth. Luckily we nailed it and it was a big success, people walking around Gateway on a Saturday morning got a beep on their phone and the video loaded after they accepted the file.