Westley & Andrea Wedding – Zimbali

When Andrea first contacted me she said the venue was going to be Camp Orchards, but they ended up getting married at home at Zimbali where she grew up. Andrea made sure there were enough flowers to sink a ship and it looked incredible, she also had chandeliers and fairy lights hanging off the trees which gave it an ambiance I’d never seen before at Zimbali. I was at the salon getting a few hair and makeup shots when in walked the 1958 Miss World Penny Coelen, it turns out Andrea’s hair stylist used to be her stylist too in the glory days and they even wrote a book together too.

Westley and Andrea’s wedding reception was a party of note, it was difficult to eventually leave because the party was rocking so hard. DJ for the evening was Jarred Sunkel. Congratulations Westley and Andrea, your guys wedding was stunning. Thanks for picking me!


  1. DEBBIE on 29/09/2014 at 13:22

    What beautiful photos that captured an amazing wedding. Andrea you looked incredibly radiant and beautiful and may every happiness and blessing be yours and Westley’s.

  2. Angela on 29/09/2014 at 21:20

    Oh my what a happy bunch of people that made this a very special day . Smiles all around and well done to Colin for these fabulous photos.

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